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Mario Bros. Mansion is a 2016 game for the 3DS. It is like no other game in the Super Mario series.


Mario and Luigi are having a picnic with Daisy, when suddenly Wario pops out of the bushes and kidnapps Daisy. He is seen running to a mansion.  Mario and Luigi follow.  When they reach the mansion, a giant tree grabs Luigi and  throws him through a second story window. Then it pushes Mario through the front door. The two can't figure out where eachother are.

When they finally meet up at the kitchen, Wario drops from the ceiling.  Wario throws plates, pots, and pans at the players. as he runs away. They finally chase him outside. Mario jumps on his head and Wario is knocked out. Then, Luigi whistles and the giant tree picks up Wario and throws him far away.

Princess Daisy emerges from the mansion in a glowing flash and the gang is reuntited. They then go for their well deserved picnic.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Daisy


This game is more like a puzzling platformer. On the top of the screen, Luigi is playing. On the bottom Screen, Mario is playing. There are two players and one controller. They are controlled together. So, when Mario needs to jump over an obstical, Luigi must too, even if there is one for him to jump over.

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