Super Mario. Retro Redux


Image Name Description
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Wario
Baby Waluigi
Baby Peach
Baby Daisy
Baby Geno
Baby Mallow
Bowser Jr.
Super Koopa
Baby Morton
Baby Larry


Long ago, in a land known as Mushroom Kingdom, there was a little Boy, his name was Mario. He lived with his Younger Brother Luigi, and there parents. They were not in school yet, because they were still babies, but they alwas wished to get out and see more of the mushroom kingdom, everyday all they would hear was "Dont Go out its to dangerous." Or: "Your to young," But Mario and Luigi Knew They would be able to survive, they managed to escape and go over there fence, on there way to see the wonders of Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, when they met up with there Couisins...Wario and Waluigi who were picking on peach and daisy. They got in a little fight and they managed to save Peach and Daisy. But Down came along something worse. What was it? A big flash emitted and everyone could not see what happened. When the lights came on, someone was taking away Wario, Mario and Luigi! What Could Happen? It was up to Waluigi,Peach and Daisy to go on an adventure to save the others. Along the way they meet up with some other people to help them..Can they make it?


Power Ups/Items


New things?

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