Mario Bros. Party is a Mario Party game for the Wii U. It is available as a physical copy, a downloadble copy or as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U. Unlike Mario Party IT, 9 and 10, this installment returns to the series's roots, where you have to use various methods to get as many Stars as possible.


After the defeat of Bowser in NSMBU, Mario and friends decided to throw a party, celebrating the return of Princess Peach. Feeling a bit sorry for the Koopa King, they decided to invite him and his allies too, in order to throw some spice into the party. But even if Bowser's having fun with everyone, it doesn't mean there's no one to crash the party...



Every board is based on a world in New Super Mario Bros. U, even though some of their names have been changed.

Boards Board description How to get Stars Hosts Bosses
1. Acorn Valley Visit Yoshi on top of the Yoshi Hill and give him 20 Coins in exchange for a Star.
4. Sparkling Waters

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