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Mario Bros.Island Insanity
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Pladformer
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of JapanNovember 18, 2011

25px-Flag of USA December 18, 2011 25px-Flag of Europe December 7, 2008

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii Disk
Mario Bros.Island Insanity is an upcoming Wii Super Mario Bros.Video game exclusively for the Wii.In Japan the video game came out in November 18, 2011,In The United States of America it came out in December 18, 2011 and in Europe it came out in December 7, 2008 due to the fact that the game took a few years old publishing.


The game starts out with Mario and Luigi attending Princess Peach's meeting at the mushroom kingdom about how Bowser could stop going into the mushroom kingdom and stealing Peach.This time Bowser comes into the mushroom kingdom and Mario is ready for a fight.But then a new villan called "Evil Mario" comes out at teleports Mario,Luigi,Princess Peach and Bowser to a deserted island in the middle of nowhere and they are all stranded.Before Mario is able to pick another fight with Bowser he grabs Peach and starts running.Mario and Luigi have no idea how big this island was and how easy they could find Peach so they set an adventure to find Peach and find a way to escape this deserted Island.What Mario and Luigi don't know is that Evil Mario is following them all around the island so they usually have to pick a fight with him.During the game Evil Mario is take other people and teleporting them to the island.Mario and Luigi go through a series of levels to finally get to Princess beach when the get to her Evil Mario comes and Mario and Luigi battle.At the end Evil Mario is defeated but before a retreat Bowser starts to fight Evil Mario and the fall into another portal which they can be trapped.Later everyone joins returns home and joins in to turn the island into a good place for Toad's to come along in.


  • Mario - Mario is the hero of Mushroom kingdom and is also the older brother of Luigi.
  • Luigi - Luigi is Mario's younger brother he usually helps Mario around on his adventures.
  • Yoshi - Mario's pet green yoshi.
  • Princess Peach - The princess of Mushroom kingdom.
  • Bowser - The king of Koopa's and is Mario's enemy.
  • Donkey Kong - An ape who is Mario's enemy.
  • Evil Mario - Mario's evil half who is the main antaginious of this video game.


In each level there are five stages.And a boss is usually at stage fives.

1.The Ship Off 7.Yoshi board
2.Island Jungle 8.Island Mountain
3.Island Woods 9.Island Safari
4.Tree jump 10.Bad bugs
5.Underground 11.Bowser's new home
6.Island Cave 12.Volcano


  • The Ship Off = Bowser
  • Island Jungle = Donkey Kong
  • Island Woods = Bowser and Bowser JR
  • Tree Jump = Donkey Kong
  • Underground = Wario
  • Island Cave = Bowser
  • Yoshi Board = Evil Yoshi
  • Island Mountain = Waluigi
  • Island Safari = Giant Koopa
  • Bad Bugs = Giant Bug
  • Bowser's New home = Bowser
  • Volcano = Evil Mario



  • At the end of the game the scene skips back to mushroom kingdom unknown how Mario and the gang returned.
  • This game has a demo of it in Mario's AllStar DodgeBall.

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