Mario Bros.: Plumbers-for-Hire
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) NX
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Platform
Series Mario Bros.

Mario Bros.: Plumbers-for-Hire is an Action-Adventure game for the NX; it tells the story of the Mario Bros, but in a new light: they never left Brooklyn for the Mushroom Kingdom, and thus have a brand-new story to tell in the Big Apple.


New York City. Home to thousands upon thousands of people. In a rural neighborhood, a small plumbing office has gained quite a bit of reuptation: the Mario Bros. Plumbing Services, run by Italian-American plumbers Mario and Luigi; these two overall-wearin' bros have been doing the plumbing for years and years, unclogging toilets, repairing drainpipes, even venturing into the sewers to remove the most stubborn clogs.

But strange things herald a peril for all of New York: prehistoric carnivorous plants, mutant turtles and sentient mushrooms popping up in various places around the city; Mario even spotted a strange mutant dinosaur lurking in the depths of the sewers. With no-one else aware of the danger, the Mario Bros. and what allies they have take it upon themselves to stop this mutated monster before he reshapes the city into his own domain.


Name Occupation Role Story
Mario Plumber Playable Character

Tiringly carrying on his family's plumbing business after Luigi left to solve the ghost problems of the world, Mario later went on to discover that a mutant dinosaur named Bowser, living deep within the New York City sewer systems, planned to march his mutated army all over the face of the earth; imploring his brother to help him, it all comes down to a  pair of Brooklyn-born brothers to save the world from a mutant dinosaur.

Mario, sticking to his plumber roots, will fight with mostly plumber-based weapons, including a hard-swinging monkey wrench, a powerwashing hose called the F.L.U.D.D, and a plunger cannon.

Luigi Paranormal Exterminator Playable Character
Wario Restaraunteur NPC/Playable Character
Waluigi Professional Athlete NPC/Playable Character
Tom Oadley Postman/Banker Supporting Character/Daily Delivery
Peach Mayor, New York City Supporting Character
Bowser Mutated Dinosaur Amalgamation, Would-Be Conqueror Antagonist


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