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Mario Bowling is an Sport Bowling for the Wii, Pushiler by Nintendo. it well be then Released in middle of year 2009.



Bowling Areas

  • Mario's Bowl way
  • Peach's Palace Way
  • Daisy's Cruiser Way
  • Yoshi's Park Way
  • Luigi's Mansion Way
  • Wario's City Way
  • Bowser's Fortress Way*
  • Bowser Jr's Playroom Way
  • Rosalina's Comet Observatory Way*
  • Waluigi's Pinball Way
  • Birdo's Beach Way*
  • Dry Bones' Dry Dry Desert Way*
  • Shy Guys Baazar Way*
  • Toad's Mushroom Forest Way*
  • Toadette's Melody Music Way*
  • Magikoopa's Magic Mall Way*
  • Rainbow Way
  • Petey Piranha's Pipe-Way*
  • Delfino Plaza Way
  • Hammer Bro's Garage Way*
  • Lakitu's Skyland Way*
  • DK's Jungle Way

This * beside after the end of the Track area name Shall be unlockable.

Characters Artwork of the Game


There are 6 items:

Red Shell= After Bowling Ball Thrown It Homes In On 3 Pins And Goes Down The Alley

Green Shell= Your Bowling Ball Transforms Into A Green Shell, And Provides More Accuracy And Bounces Off Sides

Mega Mushroom= Your Bowling Ball Enlarges And Makes It Easier To Hit The Pins

Mini Mushroom= Your Opponents Ball Becomes Smaller And Does The Opposite Of A Mega Mushroom To Them

Banana Peel= Goes On The Next Bowlers Alley And Can Stop The Ball From Going Down The Alley

Special Move= Characters Special Move

Bowling Balls

Each Character Will Have Personal Balls Which Can Be Used By Any Character When Game Completed!


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