(Soooooo, some people might hate me for this..... but...... I don't give a Cartoon.)

Mario Boom is the first game in the Mario Boom series. It is for the Wii X and New 3DS.


The whole game is a mix between Super Mario 3D Land and Sonic Boom. There is a new function known as the Super Ability. This is charged by how much experience you have gained and enemies you have defeated.


By how many areas you have traveled, and how much coins you have defeated, equals the more experience you get. By gaining more and more experience, the character learns new combo moves and is much stronger.

Super Abilities

Each character has there own Super Ability, each being charged in a bar coloured the character's primary colour.

To name a few:

Mario- Meteor Jump, Meteor Stomp

Luigi- Shock Fist, Shocking Airstrike

Bowser- Dragon Spin, Lava Raise



The red plumber is the leader of the 4 heroes. Mario is the best jumper, and otherwise most balanced.

Mario's redesign in is mostly based on Sonic's, the handkerchief, the bandages and much more. Mario is a brave and experienced leader. Mario, having the best jump, can go to new heights, but also can resist fireballs to a certain extent. Mario's main weapons is the F.L.U.D.D Gear, which works the same as it's predecessor.

Super Abilities:

Meteor Jump- Doing his normal jump, Mario is lit on fire, and can destroy large enemies. Mario's body now looks like rock.

Meteor Stomp- After doing the "Meteor Jump", Mario does his jump position, but his feet light on fire, his body still looking like rock.

F.L.U.D.D Burst- Shooting out a large scald/stream of water, will freeze or burn enemies. This is much more powerful then the other 2 abilities.




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