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== Mario blue ==
Mario Red

-Mario blue is when Mario gets lost in Sonics world this game make sonic stages (e.x green hill zone) and make slower to Mario's play style

-The multiplayer goes up to 2 sadly but Mario and Luigi are on screen at the same time

-The story is that Mario and Luigi have defeated bowser and are on their way home but the get sucked up by a portal and wake up in green hill zone

== Sonic Red ==

-Sonic blue is when Sonics play style is in Mario Stages (e.x Grass World)

- The multiplayer is like Sonic 3 but with Sonic 4 ep. 2 graphics and abilities

- The story is that Sonic and Tails are taking a walk from beating egg man and get sucked in a portal

Bundle pack

If you get the bundle pack that comes with Both Games (also comes with 2 Wii remote pluses One Sonic one Mario) and if beat both you get the real ending and the "true" final boss of switching between Mario and Sonic's Play style

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