Mario Blast!
Developer(s) MamaLuigi22
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Action Game

Mario Blast! is a game in the Mario Series. It is a strategy/action game. It involves the use of explosives to help Mario's adventures.


Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach once again. Mario goes out to save her, but is stopped by Professor E. Gadd. E. Gadd gives Mario some patented E. Gadd Bombs, to use on his adventure. Mario nods to signify yes, and runs out with the bombs. Mario must pass 8 worlds, and at the end he must defeat Bowser who has his own bombs in his arsenal, unlike any other boss in the game.

Main Characters


As Mario, you can obtain a variety of bombs. You then can do Multiple things with said bombs. You can place the bombs down at certain places and make them detonate. You can use them to destroy things. Once you get to world 2, you gain the ability to throw the Bombs at enemies.


The game got positive reviews. People praised the new unique style for Mario Games. People did criticize the similarity to the Bomberman series. However, many people believed it was a new generation of Bomberman with things improved.

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