Mario Battle! Is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. It will be released the Summer of 2012. Hammer's R Us said that they will be making special features with the 3DS's capability. It is also said there might be a sequel released early 2013, which is unconfirmed but may be true.


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Hammer's R Us Inc. have confirmed these modes, not including story mode here are the confirmed modes;

Battle Mode

Choose 1 player and up to 3 opponents, then choose an arena and face off.

A Screenshot of someone who has chose the characters to battle

Team Battle

Choose a team of 3 and head off against another team on an arena!

Special Battle

8 Players face off at once!

Survival Battle

choose a character and an arena, you then will go against a character, once defeated another comes to fight, the object is to get a record and survive for as long as possibe

Tag Battle

Choose a pair of characters and a pair of opponents and face off on arena


These are the basic controls;

Circlepad Circle Pad Move
3DS A Button A Button Jump
3DS B Button B Button Special Move (Only when bar is full)
3DS X Button X Button Attack A
3DS Y Button Y Button Attack B
3DS Start Button Start Button Pause (Menu)


It is confirmed that there are 64 characters total, although only 8 are playable from the start.



Move A Fireball
Move B Super Jump (When jumps on opponent gives more damage than normal jump)
Special Move Fire Blast


Move A Green Fireball
Move B Super Jump (Same as Mario's)
Special Move Poltergust 3000 (Sucks up opponents into the Poltergust and deals them damage from the inside. Then they come out from the back)


Move A Parasol Whack
Move B Heart Beam
Special Move Goodnight Kiss (Makes opponents asleep)


Move A Tongue
Move B Ground Pound
Special Move A Rolling Egg?!?!? (Yoshi rolls around the arena on top of a giant egg)


Move A Stinky Bob-omb
Move B Butt Smash
Special Move Farting Frenzy (Makes opponents dizzy)


Move A Poison 'Shroom
Move B Mushroom Punch
Special Move I'm A Fun Gai! (Toad randomly bounces around on giant mushrooms, dealing damage to all opponents he hits)

Donkey Kong

Move A Barrel
Move B Vine Swing
Special Move King Kong Earthquake


Move A Flamethrower
Move B Bowser Shell (Causes way more damage than a regular Koopa Troopa Shell)
Special Move Shell Smash (Bowser hides in his shell, then slams down on the ground, which causes heavy damage and a small earthquake which may stun nearby opponents.)



Move A Flower Parasol Whack
Move B Vine Grow (Vines will grow underneath the opponents, deals damage, and then they will disappear)
Special Move Flower Power (Fullfills Daisy's HP Bar)


Move A Piranha Plant (Throw small Piranha Plants in pots, which will bite opponent)
Move B Tennis Disaster (Waluigi spins his tennis racket around him, which may damage nearby opponents.)
Special Move Tornado Twister (Waluigi spins into a tornado dealing damage to any opponents caught inside but Waluigi)


Move A Birdo Egg
Move B Ground Pound
Special Move Winks of Wonder (Makes opponents fall asleep, like Peach's Sp.M.)


Move A Mushroom Punch
Move B Shroom Restore (Gives 1 HP back to Toadette every 10 seconds after use)
Special Move Shroom Bloom (Opponents' screens become covered in flower petals attached to pink mushrooms, so others can't see what's going on. Toadette can still see.)

Diddy Kong

Move A Peanut Gun
Move B Banana Peeler
Special Move Giga Banana! (Diddy Kong throws a very large Banana in field, which causes all opponents to be flung away with contact.)

Bowser Jr.

Move A Podoboo
Move B Shell Spinner
Special Move Echoed Voice (Shrinks opponents for a small amount of time. When they are attacked, it deals much more damage than usual.)

Baby Mario

Move A Red Dummy Missile
Move B Red Rattle Hit
Special Move Mini FireBlast

Baby Luigi

Move A Green Rattle Hit
Move B Diaper Slingshot
Special Move Mini Poltergust

Baby Peach

Move A Pink Dummy Missile
Move B Diaper Whip
Special Move Cry Baby Cry! (Opponents can't attck Baby Peach for a moment)

Baby Daisy

Move A Orange Rattle Hit
Move B Diaper Slingshot
Special Move Flower Blossom (Covers opponents' screens with ornage blossoms, like Toadette's Sp.M.)

Baby Donkey Kong

Move A Yellow Rattle Hit
Move B Banana Peeler
Special Move Vine Swipe (Baby Donkey Kong randomly swings around on vines, dealing damage to all nearby opponents.)


Move A Mushroom Stick Cane
Move B Old 'Shrooms
Special Move Mushroom Scepter (Toadsworth uses his scepter and casts spells wich shoots randomly around him, damaging any surroundings.)

Koopa Troopa

Move A Koopa Troopa Shell Throw

Move B Shell Knock (Koopa Troopa hides in his shell and knocks the closest opponent by spinning forward to them)

Special Shell Frenzy (Koopa Troopa hides in his shell, bounces off walls and hits opponents randomly for a Move Move short period of time.)

Koopa Paratroopa

Move A

Move B

Special Move

Dry Bones

Move A Bone Boomerang

Move B Special

Hammer Bro.

Move A Hammer Throw

Move B



Move A Spell

Move B


Boom Boom

Move A

Move B


Pom Pom

Move A Boomerang Throw

Move B



Move A

Move B Deck of Hurt (Dimentio flicks a deck of cards at his opponents)


E. Gadd

Move A

Move B



Move A

Move B


King Boo

Move A

Move B


Petey Piranha

Move A Piranha Bite (Petey bites an opponent)



King K. Rool



Shy Guy

Fly Guy

Dry Bowser






Monty Mole


Dixie Kong

Funky Kong

Tiny Kong


Candy Kong

Unlocking Criteria

Character Criteria
Daisy Play through story mode 1/2 with Peach.
Waluigi Play through story mode 1/2 with Wario.
Birdo Play through story mode 1/2 with Yoshi.
Bowser Jr. Play through story mode 1 with Bowser.
Toadette Play through story mode 1/2 with Toad.
Diddy Kong Play through story mode 1/2 with DK.
Baby Mario Play 10 times on Tag Mode with Mario and Yoshi.
Toadsworth Play with Toad and Toadette in Tag Mode and use their partner move.
Baby Luigi Play through story mode 2 and free him from the Castle
Baby Peach Defeat Bowser in story mode 2
Baby Daisy Use Baby Luigi's and Baby Peach's partner move to K.O an opponent


There is not a confirmed an amount but these are the confirmed arena. All are default.

  • Mario Pow Sewers
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Peach's Garden
  • Daisy's Cruiser
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Wario's Theme Park
  • Waluigi's Casino (Credit To Alange)
  • Toad Town
  • Mushroom Gorge
  • Kamek's Library
  • Blooper Seas
  • E. Gadd's Garage
  • Hammer Bro.'s Workshop
  • Toadette's Music Room

More to come...

Story Mode

Story mode is simple there is a cup, where players fight off to get the prize of a Grand Star. You choose a character and start the first cup.

Part 1

This is the beginners cup you face off against 32 characters and must defeat them all. The prize is a Trophey

Part 2

This is the Novice cup you face off against 16 characters here (different from first). The prize is another Trophey

Part 3

This is the pro cup, you face off against 8 characters here (different from the 48). The prize is a Star

Part 4

This is the best of the best cup you face off against these;

Boom Boom

Pom Pom

Hammer Bro

Bowser Jr


Dry Bowser

A Dark version of yourself

Dimentio (The Hardest Player, he has random B attacks and A attacks here and his special move is random, but when using him on another mode he has set A and B moves, but a random Special. Prize is Grand Star.

Note: These 8 characters cannot be used in story mode as your character, and Dark version of yourself is not playable at any point in the game.


Hammers R Us Decided to release character cards to advertise the game


More Soon

Hammers R Us Inc. also stated how the cards work:

  • All Around Types have 5 Power, 5 Speed, 5 Skill
  • Technique Types have 1 Power, 3 Speed, 5 Skill
  • Power Types have 5 Power, 3 Speed, 1 Skill
  • Speed Types have 1 Power, 5 Speed, 3 Skill

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