Mario Basketball All-Stars
Developer(s) G-Force Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan

January 15, 2012

25px-Flag of USA January 1, 2012

25px-Flag of EuropeJanuary 22, 2012 (English-speaking only)

25px-Flag of Australia January 17, 2012


Multiplayer Online single-player Online multiplayer

Age Rating(s)



Genre(s) Sports; Basketball
Media Included Wii Disk

Mario Basketball All-Stars is a game for the Nintendo Wii. It is a Mario basketball game developed by G-Force Games in partnership with Nintendo. It was released the 1st of January, 2012. It is a 3-on-3 basketball game. It received good reception.


Playable characters. Those marked with a * means that the character is unlockable, the method shown at the bottom of the list:


Speed: 5/10.

Power: 5/10.

Technique: 5/10.

Special ability: Fireball Slam

An all-around player who can run, dunk and shoot!


Speed: 6/10.

Power: 4/10.

Technique: 6/10.

Special ability: Volatile Vortex

An all-around player with a steady shot.


Speed: 4/10.

Power: 2/10.

Technique: 9/10.

Special ability: Royal Twirl

Excellent technique makes up for poor strength.


Speed: 5/10.

Power: 3/10.

Technique: 7/10.

Special ability: Fragrant Swirl

A great player with good technique.


Speed: 1/10.

Power: 10/10.

Technique: 2/10.

Special ability: Danger Dunk

Strongest on the court, but with abysmal running.

Bowser Jr.*

Speed: 7/10.

Power: 5/10.

Technique: 4/10.

Special ability: Power Paint

An all-around player with great speed.


Speed: 3/10.

Power: 9/10.

Technique: 3/10.

Special ability: Wario Wham

His amazing power is his best feature.


Speed: 5/10.

Power: 4/10.

Technique: 7/10.

Special ability: Omega Dunk

Owner of the nastiest shot around.

Donkey Kong

Speed: 5/10.

Power: 9/10.

Technique: 3/10.

Special ability: Jungle Jam

This big ape slam dunks with ease!

Diddy Kong*

Speed: 8/10.

Power: 4/10.

Technique: 6/10.

Special ability: Jet Drum

No real advantages, save for his quick speed.


Speed: 7/10.

Power: 6/10.

Technique: 4/10.

Top class speed but not-so-good technique.


Speed: 9/10.

Power: 2/10.

Technique: 4/10.

The fastest guy around.


Speed: 5/10.

Power: 4/10.

Technique: 8/10.

Excellent technique, and no disadvantages, either.


Speed: 4/10

Power: 6/10

Technique: 4/10

Good power, okay speed and satisfactory technique.


Speed: 5/10

Power: 6/10 (Male miis) 4/10 (Female miis)

Technique: 4/10 (Male miis) 6/10 (Female miis)

Unlocking methods

All characters require the player to finish a cup, save for Birdo and Mii.

To unlock Daisy: Finish first in the Flower Cup.

To unlock Diddy Kong: Finish first in the Banana Cup.

To unlock Bowser Jr.: Finish first in the Shell Cup.

To unlock Rosalina: Finish first in the Galaxy Cup.

To unlock Birdo: Win 20 games in single-player online mode.

To unlock Mii: Create a friend group and play 10 multiplayer online games in that group.


Toadsworth stages a basketball tourney to see who will be champion.


On each court there are item boxes for items.

Mushroom Cup

Mario Stadium: A standard court, with no hazards. It is similar to real world open-top basketball arenas.

Take to the court and hear the crowd roar in Mario's own personal basketball stadium!

Peach's Castle: Another court, staged on a grassy area. There are benches for watching toads. Sprinklers sometimes go on and off, interrupting progress.

Despite this royal setting, matches are known to get rough and tough here! Beware of the garden's sprinkling system!

Koopa Troopa Beach, rest to be continued


The sequel to this game, Mario Basketball All-Stars II: Showdown, will be released December 2012. It is currently in development. It was shown at EA 2012 to have brighter graphics and more courts. Everyone in this game will make a re-appearance, along with more playable characters.


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