It is the first game in the Mario Baseball: Series series.

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Yoshi: A speedy guy who likes to run.

  • Star Pitch: Egg Ball: Yoshi turns the ball into a Yoshi egg and it rolls past the batter (hopefully).
  • Star Bat: Yoshi Run: Some of the people on the opposite team turn into Yoshis who will help you.

Pianta: A slow character who is strong.

  • Star Pitch: Sun Pitch: Sometimes the ball will burn through the bat.
  • Star Bat: Tree Bat: A tree grows on the ball. If the tree is caught it counts as a safe.

Noki: She is speedy and knows how to pitch.

  • Star Pitch: Beach Pitch: The ball turns into a giant sand ball and turns into 10 small baseballs.
  • Star Bat: Shell Bat: The ball turns into a shell and when hit won't go as far.

Baby Mario: Sometimes a crybaby but always knows how to save the day.

  • Star Pitch: Bubble Pitch: The ball turns into a bubble and moves with the wind.
  • Star Bat: Chomp Bat: The ball turns into a Chain Chomp and when it lands it eats other team players.

Luigi Ghosts Edit

Baby Luigi: Like his brother he is a crybaby and is also afraid of almost everything. But when it's time to save the day he's ready.

  • Star Pitch: Baby Tornado: Baby Luigi spins around really quickly at throws the ball really quickly.
  • Star Bat: Toady Bat: The ball turns into a Toady and flies high into the air then lands with a THUD.

Bow: First appearing in Paper Mario Bow returns in this game.

  • Star Pitch: Ghost Ball: The ball turns almost invisible so no one can see it (almost).
  • Star Bat: Ghost Ball: Same as above.


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