Mario Animal Tales! is the first game of the Animal Tales series.
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When Mario follows an airship of Bowser's army, he finds a secret kingdom named Animalia in the mountains where anthropomorphic animals live that are slaves of bowser who uses the power of the 7 mages. Then Mario and Luigi go save the kingdom.

Playable CharactersEdit

Name Image Description
Mario MP8Mario He has good jumps and is fast. He can do the spin attack
Luigi SMAULuigi He has high jumps but he is slow. He can punch enemies.
Wario 100px He has small jumps and is slow. He can do a dash that breaks blocks.
Waluigi 100px He is fast but he has small jumps. he can do stars.
Donkey Kong 210px-Donkey Kong He has small jumps but is fast. He can punch the ground and stun enemies.
Peach PEACH She has high jumps but can't run. She uses the parasol to glide and protect herself.


Mike The MoleEdit


Mike The Mole

It is shy and get easy afraid,it is saved in the 1º castle and give to you the mole abilitie.

Jason The SharkEdit


Jason The Shark

It is a friendly and vegetarian,it is saved in the 2º castle and give to you the shark abilitie.

Draco The LizardEdit

It is courageous and brave,it is saved in the 3º castle and give to you the lizard abilitie.


Draco The Lizard

Jet The EagleEdit

It is fast and has much ego,it is saved in the 4º castle and give the eagle abilitie.


Name Picture Description

Super Mushroom

It makes Mario become Super Mario, Luigi become Super Luigi, etc.
Fire Flower FireFlower It makes Mario become Fire Mario, Luigi become Fire Luigi, etc.
Starman 100px It makes Mario become Star Mario, Luigi become Star Luigi, etc.
Air Flower Air flower

It summons Jet the Eagle who transforms Mario into Eagle Mario, Luigi in Eagle Luigi, etc.

Water Seaweed

Seaweed It summons Jason the Shark who transforms Mario in Shark Mario, Luigi in Shark Luigi, etc.



Ground carrot It summons Mike the Mole who transforms Mario in Mole Mario, Luigi in Mole Luigi, etc.




fire leaf

It summons Draco The Lizard who transforms Mario in Lizard Mario,Luigi in Lizard Luigi,etc.


world 1/green plains
World 1 animal tales

world 1


Its the first world,its where birds and cows/bulls live,it has 6 levels,2 animal houses,1 garden and 2 castles.In the castle you save Mike The Mole from iggy koopa.