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Box Art Coming Soon

Game Play

Game play is like SSBB or Super Mario Galaxy, depending on what setting you put it on.

Playable Characters

Mario Team



Toad (unlockable)

Peach (unlockable)

Donkey Kong (unlockable)

Wario Team



White Koopa (unlockable)

Kritter (unlockable)

Green Goomba (unlockable)

Story Mode

Mario Story

Bowser captures Daisy and Rosalina. It's up to the Mario Team to stop him before he prevails.

Wario Story

Dry Bowser steals the Super Garlic and Waluigi's set of robotic claws. Not that special stuff to me, but they have to stop Dry Bowser before he succeeds.


Mario Team Bosses

Giant Koopa

Petey Pirhana

Mega Goomba

Magic Koopa

Bowser Jr.


Wario Team Bosses


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