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Mario And Luigi: The Heroes Of All Time, is the 5th Mario And Luigi game. Because Of The Mario And Luigi: Dream Team game coming out in 2013, it is planned to come out in Summer 2014 for Japan and The United States, And Fall 2014 for Southern Korea and Europe.


Mario has a dream and sees a figure that looks like Peach. Mario asks if it was her, but she said she was Rosaceae and that they must find all of the Mushrooms Disc and destroy Apook when The Dark Eplispe comes. That will be when Apook wil be most powerful, but also most vonerable. So Mario and Luigi set off to find the disc. But they dont know other people had that dream, too...


Even though Mario and Luigi were the main team in all the other Mario And Luigi games, this game added various teams and you can make a team in Arcade Mode.

Starter Characters Leader Starter Characters Sidekick
Mario Luigi
Peach Daisy
Yoshi Birdo
Toad Toadette
Baby Mario Baby Luigi
Wario Waluigi

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