Mario & Kirby: Horror in Dreamland is a game for the GameboyAB. It works like the classic Mario and Luigi games, as you use A to control Mario, and B to control Kirby. It has graphics like M&LPJ, using Kirby's texture from Triple Deluxe.


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Super Attacks(Bros Attacks.)

See Mario/Kirby Super Attacks



Peach's Castle

Prickly Plains

Dry Dune Desert

Shiver Shiver Land

Ocean Side

Bowser's Castle

Destruction Mountain


Green Greens

Float Islands/Bubbly Clouds

Castle Dedede

The Fountain of Dreams

Wild World

The Dreamstalk


The Final Confrontation


See Mario/Kirby Items


The Camera zooms to Mario's House, he is putting his overalls on, Luigi asks why he can't come, Mario explains that Luigi didn't get an invitation. When Mario leaves, he waves to Luigi and continues to the Castle. When Mario gets there, he is greeted by the princess, she explains that Bowser has yet again been causing trouble. After giving a quick explaination, she tells Mario to Toadsworth to train, in case Mario has forgotten, although the training is optional. If you choose to train, Toadsworth waits outside with a Goomba, this being Mario's target.

Choosing not to train, it skips right to the first battle with Bowser Jr. and the first boss overall. After defeating Jr., Mario cheers claiming that he had won, then the camera views Dreamland. It views Kirby's House, Kirby gets out of bed and stretches a bit. He then walks outside, starting the day. Much to Kirby's dismay, a Giant Waddle Dee falls out the sky and attacks Kirby, but soon Magolor saves Kirby by using his powers to freeze the Waddle Dee. Magolor asks if Kirby remembers how to fight, saying no will introduce you to a tutorial, saying yes, Magolor unfreezes the Waddle Doo to see Kirby's skills. Then, Susie appears, and tells Kirby to meet her to Access Ark.

Pretty soon, she does the same thing to Mario, telling him to board as well. When Mario enters, he sees a cute pink ball, definitely known as Kirby. Susie then launches Access Ark to Space. Susie introduces Mario to Kirby and Kirby to Mario, saying she has dreamed of them working together. Mario asks why they came here, Susie tells them that there is trouble in both the Mushroom Kingdom and Dreamland. It reveals that Antasma and eNeMeE have been working together, formulating a plan to take over the entire galaxy. After a quick speech, Susie wishes them luck and lands on the Mushroom Kingdom, to take out Antqsma before it's too late, Mario and and Kirby walk off the deck, to start there new Adventure.

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