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Here is a list of enemies from the first Mario Adventure! game.


1: Goomba

GamerPad-0002's Database: This is a goomba. HP is 4, attack is 2, and he is packing no defense. If you can't beat these guys, you probably should quit the adventure and go do whatever Luigi does.

Moves: Walk(2)

2. Paragoomba

GamerPad-0002's Database: A  goomba with wings!  It's HP, attack, and defense matches a Goomba but you have to jump on it or you'll do 4 damage to the ground. Not impressing.

Moves: Swoop(2)

3.Blue Goomba

GamerPad-0002's Database: These guys are blue, both kinds. HP is 16, ATK is 4, and defense is 0. They are always so sad, makes me wanna cry. Oh wait, I can't.

Moves: Walk(4)

4. Blue Paragoomba

GamerPad-0002's Database: A Blue Goomba with wings, or a Paragoomba who's blue? We may never know. The stats are the same as a Blue Goomba, expect you can't hammer them.

Moves: Swoop(4)

5. Gooman

GamerPad-0002's Database: Enhanced Goomba shamans. HP is 30, ATK is 8, and defense is 0. I would tell you to avoid their attacks, but the chant is the creepiest thing about these weirdos.

Moves: Spin Jump(6), Quadheck(8 each), Dizzy Spell(8, Dizzy x3)

6. Space Grubbin

GamerPad-0002's Database: The goombas of Space. Or Planet Zoing at least. HP is 20, ATK is 10, and defense is zero. If this is the Space version of a Goomba, where's the Space Koopas. Nevermind I said taht, don't want to jinx us.

Moves: Moonwalk(10)

7. Brickback

GamerPad-0002's Database: This may be the brickiest Koopa i've ever met. HP is 6, attack is 4 and defense is 1. Hammer it's back to leave it out in the open, ripe for the stomping.

Moves: Poison Mushroom(4)

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