Mario Adventure! is a game developed by PAPERWARIOGAMES and published by Fantendo. It was released on the 15th of December 2011.

Note: This is a PAPERWARIOGAMES game! Please don't vandalize it!

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Mario Adventure!
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii,3DS,Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 15th 2011
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10+
Genre(s) Action Adventure 3D platformer


Gameplay in MA is similar to both SM64 and SA. Players are given missions and ranks. Ranks go from Goomba to Starman. Missions are usually based on regular action but it differs from Level to Level. Also, players can play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Donkey kong, and Metal Mario. Enemies and regular bosses have HP.



As Mario relaxes on the beach with Peach, Bowser invades. Mario tries to rescue her but Bowser shoots a Bullet Bill at him. Mario sets off to rescue her. Mario reaches his fleet and confonts Bowser. He succeeds but Bowser escapes.

Final Boss' HP: 200

For: Average players.


Luigi is catching Butterflies with Daisy when Bowser kidnaps her. Luigi sets off to rescue her and he does. But when he comes to confront him Mario is battling him so Luigi takes on Bowser Jr.'s fleet.

FBHP: 140

For: n00bs


Wario was hanging out in an illegal club when he hears that treasure lies at Bowser's fleet. Wario finds the treasure but he must destroy Metal Bowser to get it.

FBHP: 250

For: Skilled players


When Yoshi is watching the Yoshi eggs, Bowser steals them and scatters them across the kingdom. Yoshi gets all of the eggs back except for the golden egg which was stolen by Petey. Yoshi defeats him.

FBHP: 200

For: Expert Sleuths.

Donkey Kong

Bowser steals DK's bannana hoarde so DK has to get it back. Once he does he confronts Kamek.

FBHP: 200

For: Open World Lovers!

Metal Mario

Metal Mario wakes up with no memory and sets off to find it. It leads him to Bowser where he finds out his past. He then takes on Metal Mario 2.0.

FBHP: 200

For: Expert shooters.

Super Mario

On the fleet he meets the others and greets them. Then, Rosalina comes in and tells them that Bowser has stolen the Mega Star. The others give Mario all of their energy. He uses this energy to fight Bowser and prevails. Everyone goes back to their homes to relax.


Coming soon!