A list of enemies in Mario 3D World. They can be one of these 8 types:

  • Recurring - They appear all the time.
  • Ground - You can find them on the ground.
  • Aerial - They're always airborne.
  • Invincible - Don't even try to kill them.
  • Temporary - They may appear, but only for a little while.
  • Water - You'll only find them in the sea.
  • Ghost House - They're usually in haunted areas- but not always!
  • Boss - They aren't enemies, they're bosses!
Name Manual's Description Type
Goomba The normal enemies from Mario, of course they return! They can be defeated with a simple jump. Recurring
Goombe Returning from Dinosaur Land, Goombes are like Goombas, but they can't be squished- instead, you must grab them and throw them! Recurring
Green Koopa Mario's oldest enemy. Though he hangs out in parties or races, Koopa always knows how to teach Mario a lesson. Recurring
Paragoomba Like a Goomba, but with wings. Paragoombas are known to fly or hop- sometimes even drop other Goombas! Aerial
Paratroopa Koopa's best buddy- blue shells and wings always tell you a Paratroopa's on the loose! Aerial
Red Koopa Some Koopas run off edges, but RED Koopas are never that dumb. Red Koopas wander on one platform, so stay away! Ground
Paragoombe Paragoombes don't have wings- instead, they float down safely on a parachute. If they make it to the ground, they become Goombes. Aerial
Piranha Plant One of Mario's oldest foes- Piranha Plants pop out of pipes to eat ya! Ground
Ninji Ninjis hop up and down, blocking your path. Easiest way to get past is to climb on their heads and toss them away. Ground
Ninjiina Ninji's girlfriend. Ninjiinas run back and forth, jumping occasionally. Like Ninjis, you gotta toss them away. Ground
Beach Koopa Jump on a Green/Red/Blue Koopa. They slide out of their shells, and are left in their underwear. We call them: Beach Koopas! Some of them start like this. If they find a shell, they'll jump in. Recurring
Kamikaze Koopa See a yellow Beach Koopa? Ok. See a shell next to it? RUN!!! Invincible
Lakitu Mario's best friend. Well, not really friend. Lakitu can be a referee, but he usually throws his Spiny Eggs at Mario. Aerial
Spiny If a Lakitu drops a Spiny Egg, something has to hatch! Spinies will charge at Mario for a few seconds before curling up into their shell again and vanishing mysteriously... Temporary
Venus Fire Trap Not all Piranhas bite. Some can breathe fire! Ground
Cheep-Cheep It's a fish! But it's price isn't cheap. Avoid them if they jump! Water
Blooper Cheep-Cheep's cousin returns to destroy Mario! If you get too close, it will charge at you and squirt ink! Water
Micro-Goomba Some Paragoombas can drop these. If they land on you, they'll keep you grounded for a little bit of time. Temporary
Blooper Nanny & Baby Blooper Blooper Nannies are found underwater. Unlike Bloopers, they do not squirt ink- instead, they send their babies out to attack you. The babies circle you until you try to attack you- then their mom charges at you! Water
Hammer Bro. Hammer Bros. are one of Mario's most frustrating opponents. They toss hammers to keep Mario trapped. Ground
Boomerang Bro. Like Hammer Bros., but they toss boomerangs instead! Ground
Fire Bro. Fire Bros. can breathe fireballs, instead of tossing things like their siblings. Ground
Ice Bro. Like Fire Bros., but they freeze things with their ice balls! Ground
Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro. These Hammer Bros. ride on blocks to throw their hammers! Aerial
Winged Goombe Like Paragoombas, but they're Goombes! You can jump on them to knock them out of the sky- then they're Goombes again! Aerial
Bandit These masked men run around to steal your things- if they get you, you'll lose your power-up, or maybe some coins! Ground
Violet Bandit It's a Bandit! They run around carrying 1-Ups, 3-Ups or 10-Ups, but if they see you, they'll run! Killing one will get you a Bandit Mask. Temporary
Monty Mole They leap out of the ground to attack you! Watch out for their rocks. Ground
Lemming Mole Monty's cousin. Lemming Moles leap out of the ground too, but instead of throwing rocks, they walk off cliffs in big lines. You can ride on their head, but don't get trampled. Invincible
Deep-Cheep Cheep-Cheeps that are green. Deep-Cheeps are found deep underwater, and will chase you throughout the ocean. Water
Cheep-Cheep School A bunch of purple Cheep-Cheeps swimming together! Look out! Water
Boo This ghost will hide when you look at it, but if you look away, it charges after you! Ghost House
Big Boo It's like a Boo, but much, much bigger! Ghost House
Eerie These undead dinos float forwards, never looking back. They don't really even know the rest of the world exists! Ghost House
Note Blockhopper It's a blockhopper with a Note Block! It's invisible until you accidently hit it- at this point, it falls to the ground. If you get to close, it will reveal itself and attack you. If you manage to hit it on the head, it will bounce you up really high! Ghost House
POW Blockhopper It's a blockhopper with a POW Block! They look like POWs, but one way to tell is that they always have a Brick Block underneath them. Killing it will stun you! Ground
Bombshell Koopa These Koopas wear bombs on their backs instead of shells. If you kill it, you have a couple of seconds to escape from it before it blows!!! Ground
Boohemoth These humongous Boo chases you know matter where you look! If you run for so long, it vanishes... Temporary
Broozer This ghost wears boxing gloves to beat Mario up! Is it really a ghost? Ghost House
Booline What, you think all ghosts are boys? Boolines like Mario, which means that if he looks at them, they run to him. If he turns away, the Booline will cry... Ghost House
Dino-Torch Tiny dinosaurs that can breathe fire- like a torch. They can turn their head vertically or horizontally to make the tastiest roasted plumber yet! Watch out... Ground
Dino Rhino Dino-Torches are tiny. Dino Rhinos are huge. They can't breathe fire, but they can trample Mario. Ground
Squiggler Squigglers are baby Wigglers. They will crawl out of the ground and begin wandering around harmlessly. If Mario doesn't squish them in a few seconds, they grow into Wigglers. Temporary
Wiggler Wigglers are adult Squigglers. After a Squiggler is left alone for a little while, it grows into a Wiggler, which will wander harmlessly until it sees Mario. At this point, it becomes red and charges at the poor plumber. If you can jump on each of his body segments, he will turn yellow and vanish. Ground
Big Boo These Boos are MONSTROUS! Only thing bigger is a Boohemoth! They act just like normal Boos, though, so it's not very special. Ghost House
Big Booline Big Boos, Big Boolines- yeah, pretty obvious. They're humongous Boolines that work the same, but are bigger. Ghost House
Boolinemoth Boolinemoth are Boohemoth's sister. They act like the opposite of a Boohemoth. When you look at it, it will charge towards you. When you look away, it will hide its face for a few seconds- eventually it will pursue. Ghost House
Muncher Little tiny Piranhas that, well, munch! Ground
Nipper Plant Baby Piranha Plants! Unlike Munchers, which stand still, Nippers hop around eating stuff. If they eat five other enemies or eat a power-up, they grow into Piranha Plants! Temporary
Peppop These all-new enemies are frogs. They hop around saying "peppop" and try to squish you. Ground
Preppop Peppop's cousin. Preppops still hop around saying "peppop", but burp out "preppop" with a huge, poisonous bubble! Ground
Para-Peppop Peppops with wings! When they hop, they flutter for a couple of seconds before plummetting. Aerial
Para-Preppop Preppops with wings! They don't hop anymore or say "peppop"- they just fly spitting bubbles! Aerial
Albino Dino Dino Rhinos colored white! They are a little bigger than their colored relatives, and instead of trampling you, stand still and send out soundwaves from their super-loud roars! Ground
Albino-Torch Dino-Torches colored white! They are a little bigger than their colored relatives, and can't move- however, their fire is much bigger! Ground
Jack-O-Luma Jack-O-Lumas are villainous Lumas who love to see people suffer. They usually appear in groups of 3-5, and if they see you, they'll surround you. Ghost House
Creech A Creech is a water creature. They attack by leaping out of water and spitting fireballs while spinning. They look like mutated Yoshis... Water
Screech Screeches are undead Creeches. They work more like Eeries from a previous game, but occasionally they will spin and spit fire- like their alive counterparts. Ghost House
Metal Mario Metal Mario can collect anything Mario can- Fire Flowers, Bandit Masks, P Balloons, Stars... don't let him! Boss
King Boo & Queen Booline The Boo rulers are now bosses of every castle! Maybe they're behind this? Boss
Cosmic Iggy Iggy's the weakling. Cosmic Iggy is too. But Cosmic Iggy is stronger than Iggy. Boss
Cosmic Morton Talkative Morton Koopa talks all day- at least Cosmic Morton can't talk. But he's pretty strong! Boss
Cosmic Lemmy Lemmy loves his pipes. Cosmic Lemmy does too. Don't stomp on his clones! Boss
Cosmic Dragonia Dragonia's magic spells are now COSMIC spells! Don't get cosmified by them! Boss
Cosmic Ludwig Ludwig's music's even worse now that it's cosmic! And now he breathes cosmoballs too! Boss
Cosmic Ellen So now Ellen breathes cosmoballs. Still hurts just as much! Don't get hit! Boss
Cosmic Tim Tim's rocks have never been so hard! If you get hit, you may not survive! Boss
Cosmic Roy Roy's always been tough- Cosmic Roy's even tougher! Don't get smashed! Boss
Cosmic Wendy Bratty Wendy O. is cosmified now. She still gets her way! Boss
Cosmic Kamek This babysitter doesn't just babysit- he attacks! But now he's cosmified? Boss
Cosmic Lavora Bowser's eldest is now cosmified! She's still rockin'! Boss
Cosmic Larry Larry's not only the strongest Koopaling- he's the strongest Cosmic Koopaling too! Unless you count Junior. Boss
Cosmic Bowser Jr. The bratty Bowser Jr.'s now a Cosmic Clone! I wonder why? Boss
Cosmic Bowser Bowser's been attacked by Cosmic Clones! Now he's even stronger! Boss
Cosmic Monster The final boss of the game! Look out for his cosmoballs! Boss

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