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Mario 3D Baskets is a sports game for the 3DS. It is classified sequel to Mario Slam Basketball



  • All-Around: No boosts
  • Speedy: Boost in speed
  • Technical: Higher accuracy
  • Powerful: Slow, but steal will

knock a player to the ground

  • Tricky: Unlockable. One huge stat and able to perform tricks.


  • Mario-All Around
  • Luigi-All Around
  • Peach-Technical
  • Yoshi-Speedy
  • Toad-All Around
  • Bowser Jr.-Speedy
  • Wario-Powerful
  • Waluigi-Technical
  • Diddy Kong-Speedy
  • Boo-Speedy
  • Shy Guy-All Around
  • Koopa-All Around
  • Ninja-All Around


  • Daisy-Technical
  • Toadette-All Around
  • Donkey Kong-Powerful
  • Bowser-Powerful
  • Paratroopa-Tricky
  • Fly Guy-Tricky
  • King Boo-Tricky
  • Dixie Kong-Technical
  • Dry Bones-Speedy
  • Birdo-All Around
  • Dry Bowser-Powerful
  • White Mage-Technical
  • Black Mage-Tricky
  • Moogle-Tricky
  • Prince Piranha-Technical
  • Petey Piranha-Powerful
  • Cactaur-Speedy
  • Shadow Mario-All Around
  • Dr. Mario-All Around
  • Rosalina-Technical

DLC Characters

  • Baby Mario-All-Around-1.00
  • Baby Luigi-Speedy-1.00
  • Baby Peach-Technical-1.00
  • Baby Rosalina-Tricky-1.50
  • Red Mage-Tricky-2.00


Every tourney has its own independent rankings: Bronze, Silver and Gold. There are three rounds in every tourney, and an extra unlockable court for each one too.

Mushroom Tourney

  • Opening: Mario Stadium. No hazards.
  • Semi-Finals: Peach Field. Lakitu throws Spines.
  • Finals: Koopa Beach. Paratroopa holds only hoop, Cheep Cheeps fly all over the place.
  • Extra: Tart Top. Occaisional falling sprinkles, cream is good for accuracy.

Flower Tourney

  • Opening: DK Cruiser. Bananas rain down and barrels come loose.
  • Semi-Finals: Luigi's Mansion. Lightning turns the lights out, ghosts may steal the ball. Similar design to Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • Finals: Daisy Garden. Hedges make maze, giant Petey Piranha is basket, moves after ball, and rejects dunks when awake.
  • Extra: Yoshi Falls. Flutters take it in turns to chase the ball.

Star Tourney

  • Opening: Wario Factory. Platforms in walls make it easier to score, Bob-Oms can be thrown.
  • Semi-Finals: Lakitu Palace. Coloured lightning zaps all the platforms of that colour to stun enemies, Lakituthunder holds basket and strikes tiles.
  • Finals: Blooper Beach. Underwater, friendly Bloopers hold hoops, others block shots, Mimic can be used.
  • Extra: Glare Desert. Hurricane blows players away, cacti block them and Cactaur can be unlocked.

Crown Tourney

  • Opening: Sherbet Land. Penguins slide along the court, defenders can freely skate and Freezies appear.
  • Semi-Finals: Bowser Castle. Giant finals breathe fire and explode, Whomps chase you and Thwomps hide in ? Panels.
  • Finals: Pirate Ship. Cannonballs are shot, and be careful as Gooper Blooper tilts the ship!
  • Extra: Rainbow Ride. Comets crash down on the floor to flatten you. You are enslaved to battle White Mage, Black Mage and Dark Ninja here at the end of the Crown Tourney

Rainbow Tourney (Special Event)

  • Opening: Malboro Gardens. Malboros breathe acid in your face.
  • Semi-Finals: Dr. Mario Stadium. The court is in a tilting pill bottle, causing the pills to roll about.
  • Finals: Galaxy Reactor. Hungry Luma holds basket and moves it toward the ball, different areas in the maze-like court have different hazards in them.
  • Extra: Twilight House. Furniture comes to life and Lightning turns off lights and calms furniture. Can use Mini Boos to steal items.

Special Shots

  • Mario: Flame Shot
  • Luigi: Strobulb Shot
  • Peach: Love Shot
  • Yoshi: Wave Shot
  • Wario: Move-It Dunk
  • Waluigi: Twister Dunk
  • Bowser Jr: Paint Shot
  • Toad: Leaf Shot
  • Diddy Kong: Jet Shot
  • Boo: Lantern Shot
  • Shy Guy: Thunder Shot
  • Koopa: Spiky Dunk
  • Daisy: Mirror Shot
  • Toadette: Petal Shot
  • Donkey Kong: Konga Dunk
  • Bowser: Bomber Dunk
  • Paratroopa: Sky Dunk
  • Ninja: Triple Shot
  • Fly Guy: Tornado Shot
  • King Boo: Thriller Dunk
  • Dixie Kong: Cannon Shot
  • Dry Bones: Bone Shot
  • Birdo: Egg Shot
  • Dry Bowser: Skeleton Shot
  • White Mage: Holy Shot
  • Black Mage: Meteor Shot
  • Moogle: Circus Shot
  • Cactaur: Spiny Dunk
  • Shadow Mario: Glitter Shot
  • Dr. Mario: Pill Shot
  • Prince Piranha: Magic Shot
  • Petey Piranha: Slime Shot
  • Rosalina: Galaxy Shot

Costume Change

  • Fire Mario
  • Fire Luigi
  • Princess Wear Peach
  • Blue/Yellow Yoshi
  • Sunshine Bowser Jr.
  • Blue/Green Toad
  • Yellow Shy Guy/Fly Guy
  • Princess-Wear Daisy
  • Red/Blue Koopa/Paratroopa
  • Luigi's Mansion King Boo
  • Black Moogle
  • Red Shadow Mario
  • Blue Prince Piranha
  • Princess-Wear Rosalina

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