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Mario 17- Super

Fixed game cover

Super Mario 17 is a mario game for the game systems beast, Wii U, and Ds, coming july 2 2018..

The Story of the game starts out that toad and his crew find a ton of treasure on a mysterious dark planet.. They start collecting the treasure but The Dark Worm Drimp Got angry at toad and his crew for trying to steal his gold.. so he uses his power to scan what planet they are from to attack the planet and steal all its treasure.. So toad and his crew escape and go back to Mushroom City to warn mario.. Once they warned mario they looked back and saw that princess peach was gone.. They thought bowser took the princess but it actually was the dark worm Drimp.. Mario must go through 6 worlds to rescue the princess and save the world..



The game has a multiplayer mode (2 players only)



There are 17 bosses, hence the name of the game.

  1.  Bowser Jr
  1.  Roy
  1.  King Billy Bullet
  1.  Queen Cheep Cheep
  1.  Shadow Mario
  1.  Portalgeese
  1.  King Billy Bullet
  1.  Dark Pizza
  1.  Roy
  1.  Clown
  1.  King Boo
  1.  Toads Bullet Machine
  1.  Roy
  1.  King Rainbow Beast
  1.  Robot Bowser
  1.  Bowser
  1.  Drimp


Chapter 1 worlds

1. Mushroom City
2. Arctic Valley
3. Spooky Forest
4. Hot Hot Ruins
5. Grumble Bowser Kingdom
6. Planet 17

Chapter 2 Worlds

1. Dry Dry Desert
2. Warios Goldmine
3. Bee Hive Plains
4. Maple Springfields
5. Above-Cloud City
6. Bowser Jr's Rock Fest City
7. Bowser Festival Town
8. Blobglob Palace
9. Boo Hideout
10. Bullet Bill Factory
11. Mushroom Kingdom
12. Hot Cold Island
13. Bob-omb Battlefield
14. Roys Castle
15. Rainbow Road
16. Bowsers Dark Castle
17. Drimps Dark Secret Hideout

Chapter 2 Bosses

1. Wingo
2. Bowser Jr
3. Wario
4. Queen Stingby
5. Lakitu Beast
6. Cloud Whale
7. Bowser Jr.
8. Roy
9. Bowser
10. Giant Swolo Blob
11. King Boo
12. King Billy Bullet
13. Major Burrows
14. King Bob-omb
15. Roy
16. Bowser
17. Drimp

Chapter 2 Only Powerups

  1. Bee Mushroom
  1. Cloud Flower
  1. Spiny Mushroom

Enemies only seen in Chapter 2 levels

Non Playable characters


  • Mushroom Restores full health (5 health total)
  • Mummy Mushroom (Gives you Mummy Mario Suit And Mummy mushroom abilities)
  • Fire Flower (gives you fire mario suit and gives you fire flower abilities)
  • Coins (Refills 1 health)
  • 17-Shroom (Gives You The Ultimate Fighting Power)


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