New Moves Neutral Special: Fireball - Deals 6% damage, can be bounced off walls. 

Side Special: Tanooki Tail - Deals 8% damage, reflects projectiles onto the opposite side. 

Down Special: Hammer Bonk - Can be charged. Deals 9% damage when not charged, and 14% damage when fully charged. Can also get opponents stuck on the ground.

F-Smash: Firebrand - Deals 38% damage when charged fully.

Final Smashes

Final Smash: Mario Finale 

Side Final Smash: Super Cape Twister

Down Final Smash: F.L.U.D.D Tsunami

Up Final Smash: Flurry Jump Punch

Mario Smashified

Mario's render in Super SMASH Bros. Crossfire. (Artwork done by ZyphyrisTheMythyris)

Skin Swaps

Mario has a five alternate costumes, shared with five alternate costumes for his alternate character,     Dr. Mario. 

Mario Costumes Dr. Mario Costumes
Mario Smashified

Default Mario costume.


Colored to resemble Fire Mario.


Colored to resemble Flying Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.


Colored to resemble Wario.


Mario's early color scheme.