Mario is a major character Shadows of the Forsaken. He is the first person the player will meet, and serves as the player's first ally.



Mario is a relatively short man with a stocky build. He wears a red hat with a white circle holding a red 'M' at the center, a red shirt, blue overalls, white gloves, and brown boots. He has a large nose, and a bushy mustache. His hair color is a dark brown color.


He was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, but was sent to New York City, with his brother, Luigi, by their parents when Bowser began to rise in power. There, he and his brother became plumbers, and eventually discovered a secret warp pipe back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon arriving, they found Bowser having nearly captured Princess Peach, and they jump to her rescue, quite literally. They have since become good friends of Princess Peach and heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

In-Game Information


Mario's partner can be unlocked through the completion of the Dark Mario on the Loose quest. Each level listed indicates equipment that he gains at said level; he will replace old equipment, but weapons and attacks merely provide alternatives to what he already uses.

Level Weapons Equipment Attacks
1 --- M Cap Punch (Unarmed)
Red Shirt
Blue Overalls Kick (Unarmed)
White Gloves
Brown Boots
10 Hammer --- Smash (Hammer)
15 Fire Flower --- Spin (Hammer)
Fireball (Fire Flower)
Mega Fireball (Fire Flower)
20 --- --- Super Jump (Unarmed)


Mario is the first character the player's Avatar will encounter when starting a new character; the Avatar falls from an unkown place up above into the fountain at the center of Toad Town's central square. There, Mario approached the Avatar to make sure they are alright, then decides that they may be just the person they need in order to investigate this strange Void they now find themselves in.

Mario offers two quests, which are Making the Fire Flower and Dark Mario on the Loose. The former requires that the player defeat 10 Piranha Plants and 5 Venus Fire Traps to construct a Fire Flower. The former, on the otherhand, has the player chase down Dark Mario, who is then confronted in World 1-2.

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