Mario (SSB Ultimate)
Mushroom Kingdom hero.
Full Name Mario
Gender Male
Species Human
Mario is the most recognizable character in the world of video games, as well as Nintendo's leading mascot. Hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is known for having rescued Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil King Bowser on countless ocassions. When Mario is not jumping to save the day, he can be seen racing Karts, participating in various sports, or partying with his friends and enemies alike. Mario's strength comes from his incredible jumping abilities and spitting fire from his gloves.

General Information

Offense 5.5/10 Origin Donkey Kong (Arcade)
Defense 5/10 Release Date July 9,1981
Projectile 8.5/10 Home Stage Acorn Plains (Wii U),Pi'illo Castle (3DS)
Height 5/10 Voice Actor/Actress Charles Martinet
Weight 5.5/10 Friends Luigi,Peach,Toad and Yoshi
Speed 7/10 Taunt Up  Luma appears from under Mario's hat and as it flies around Mario before hiding under his hat again.
Attack Speed 5.5/10 Taunt Side Mario grows three times his size (while the Mushroom sound effect plays) for a brief moment, then shrinks back to normal (while the shrinking sound effect plays).
Recovery 8.5/10 Taunts Down Mario spins in place on one foot, takes off his hat, and says "Let's-a go! Woohoo!"
Throwing 5.5/10 Entrance A Warp Pipe sprouts out of the ground as Mario jumps out of it, adjusts his hat, and strikes his fighting pose.
Final Smash 8/10  Platform Platform made of Super Mushrooms.
Overall 6.4/10 Kirby Hat Kirby gains Mario's famous red hat.


Special Move

Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special Fireball  3% - 10%  Mario throws a small fireball from his palm. The fireball will bounce along the ground up to five times before burning itself out. If it hits a foe, it'll burn them for 3%-5% damage. If it hits a wall or other similar obstacle, it'll simply ricochet off. Mario can charge the attack up and throw larger fireballs that last for longer periods of time and cause up to 10% damage.
Side Special Tanooki Tail 2% - 4% Mario instantly grows a raccoon tail before spinning around quickly, deflecting projectiles and flipping his opponents around. This attack can be performed very quickly, and causing between 2%-4% as well.
Up Special Super Jump Punch 10%- 13% When Mario uses this attack each hit inflicts 1% damage. The average total damage caused is around 10-13%.
Down B F.L.U.D.D. 0% - 20% With this attack, Mario can equip F.L.U.D.D., from his adventures on Isle Delfino, and begin pumping up water. At any level less than a full tank, F.L.U.D.D. will use its Spray Nozzle to squirt the water out, which can push opponents backwards but causes no damage. With a full tank, F.L.U.D.D. will use its Turbo Nozzle to launch Mario horizontally at a high-velocity, damaging any opponent he collides with for 14%-20% damage. F.L.U.D.D. will remain on Mario's back for as long as the tank is full, but if Mario is KO'd, Mario will return to the stage with an empty tank. If Mario has a full tank and uses this attack in midair, instead of using the Turbo Nozzle, F.L.U.D.D. will release all its water at once with its Rocket Nozzle, sending Mario rocketting into the air a great distance, however, Mario won't be able to glide with his cape afterwards.
Final Smash Rainbow Mario 10% - 58% Rainbow Mario is a special form of Mario that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario can reach this form by obtaining a Rainbow Star. It makes Mario invincible, much like the Starman, but the effects of the Rainbow Star are more extensive and longer-lasting than those of a Starman. As Rainbow Mario, the heroic plumber runs faster, leaves a light trail behind him and breaks through certain objects. However, Mario cannot combine this powerup with any other powerup; if Mario touches one while invincible, the other item will be kicked away off the screen.



  • Red (Default) :Based on his appearance from the Mario series.
  • Yellow :Based on Wario from the Mario series and the Wario Land series just as in the previous Smash titles.
  • Green :Resembles Luigi's color scheme in the arcade version of Mario Bros. It also appeared as part of the "flashing" animation from a Starman in the original Super Mario Bros.
  • Blue :Based on the Balloon Fighter from Balloon Fight.
  • Brown :Based on Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew '98, which was confirmed on the original SSB Japanese site. It also makes him resemble from older black-and-white games, i.e. Super Mario Land for the Game Boy.
  • White :Based on Fire Mario's appearance dating back to Super Mario Bros. onward.
  • Purple :Based on Cosmic Mario apperance.
  • Gold   :Based on Gold Mario apperance. 


Mario Metal costume,which is from Super Mario 64,This costume unlocks beating Classic Mode with Mario in Hard.      
  • Grey (Default) :Based on his appearance from the Mario series.
  • Yellow :Based on Gold from Mario Golf and NSMB2.
  • Green 
  • Red
  • Blue :Based on Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine.