Mario is a returning veteran to Super Smash Bros. Over. He plays closley to previous installments, with a few changes.

On-Screen Appearence

Mario jumps out of a Warp Pipe and yells "Let's-a-go!"

Special Moves

Move Name Move Type Description
Fireball Neutral Mario tosses a fireball at his enemies.
Cape Side Mario swings his cape, flipping opponents and projectiles.
Coin Uppercut Up Mario does an uppercut, propelling him into the air.
Flower Freeze Down Mario shoots ice balls to his sides, freezing nearby enemies.
Mario Finale Final Smash Mario throws a gigantic fireball that gets gradually bigger, knocking back enemies.


  • Mario grows big and shrinks down to normal size.
  • Mario does his death animation from Donkey Kong.
  • Mario spins around and takes his hat off at his opponents.

Idle Poses

  • Moves his head while holding fists in front of face.
  • Adjusts his hat

Victory Poses

  • Mario makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose.
  • Mario winds up a punch, then steps forward while punching at the screen.
  • Mario does a short spin jump and lands in a strong-man pose.

Alternate Costumes

  • A costume resembling his clothes when he gets a Fire Flower.
  • A costume resembling his clothes when he gets an Ice Flower.
  • A costume resembling the propellor suit he gets from the Propeller Mushroom.
  • A green and blue costume based on Luigi.
  • A yellow and purple costume based on Wario.
  • A purple costume based on Waluigi.
  • A blue and pink design based on his colors on the Japenese box art of Super Mario Bros.
  • A black and white costume based on Foreman Spike.