Mario is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Ultra Lucha.


Mario is the typical all-around character. He has average height, weight, walking speed, running speed, falling speed, air speed and traction. Mario's moves are pretty straight-forward. Because of this, newer players tend to play as Mario first.


Neutral Attack - Punches two times and kicks. 3%, 2%, 5%.

Side Tilt - Kick straight forward. 9%.

Up Tilt - Punches upwards. 10%.

Down Tilt - Kneels down and sweeps his leg low to the ground. 8%.

Dash Attack - Slides on the ground feet first. 8%.

Side Smash - Launches a blast of fire from his palm. 18% uncharged, 23% fully charged (sweetspot); 11% uncharged, 15% fully charged (sourspot).

Up Smash - Headbutts upward. 17% uncharged, 21% fully charged.

Down Smash - Does a breakdancing kick. 16% front, 10% back (uncharged); 21% front, 12% back (fully charged).

Neutral Aerial - Sticks his foot out in front of him. 12%.

Forward Aerial - Punches in front of him with an enlarged fist. 15%.

Back Aerial - Kicks backward with both legs. 9%.

Up Aerial - Does a flip kick upward. 11%.

Down Aerial - Spins around in the air repeatedly. 5 hits of 2% each.

Grab - Grabs the enemy with both hands.

Pummel - Headbutts opponent. 3%.

Forward Throw - Spins around once and throws his opponent forward. 9%.

Back Throw - Spins around three times and throws his opponent backward. 12%.

Up Throw - Throws his opponent upward. 8%.

Down Throw - Throws his opponent on the ground. 8%.

Special Moves

Neutral Special - Fireball

Side Special - Cape

Up Special - Super Jump Punch

Down Special - F.L.U.D.D.

Final Smash - Mario Finale

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