Mario is a starting veteran character in Super Smash Brothers - The Ultimate Fight.


Mario is the main character of the Mario series, the most sucessfull game series ever. He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom with his brother Luigi. He is always saving Princess Peach from Bowser and his minions.


Mario is the most balanced character in the game, perfect fot begginers to learn about the game. He has average stats overall, with average speed, air speed, fall speed, jump height, weight and height.


Neutral Attack - Punches with left hand, punches with right hand, and kicks.

Side Tilt - Kicks straight forward.

Up Tilt - Uppercut.

Down Tilt - Kneels down and sweeps his leg low to the ground.

Side Smash - Launches a blast of fire from his palm.

Up Smash - Headbutts upward.

Down Smash - Does a breakdancing kick.

Dash Attack - Slides on the ground feet first.

Neutral Aerial - Sticks his foot out in front of him.

Forward Aerial - Punches in front of him with an enlarged fist.

Back Aerial - Kicks backward.

Up Aerial - Does a flip kick upward.

Down Aerial - Spins around in the air repeatedly.

Grab - Grabs with both hands.

Pummel - Headbutts the enemy.

Forward Throw - Spins around once, and throws his enemy forward.

Back Throw - Spins around three times and throws his enemy backward.

Up Throw - Throws his enemy upward.

Down Throw - Throws his enemy on the ground.

Floor Attack - Gets up and punches behind him, then in front.

Edge Attack - Does a somersault and then kicks upward onto the stage.

100% Edge Attack - Slowly gets up then does a kick attack, looking similar to his forward tilt angled down.

Special Moves

Neutral Special - Fireball

Side Special - Cape

Up Special - Super Jump Punch

Down Special - F.L.U.D.D.

Final Smash - Mario Finale

Victory Theme

Mario's Victory Theme-100:11

Mario's Victory Theme-1

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