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SSB Mario Series

Mario is one of the main characters in Super Smash Bros. Omega. This page, in fact, talks over Mario in this game. Under there is a description about this great character. Mario is a balanced character and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Mario has got 4 special moves more a Final Smash:

Standard Special: Fireball. Mario shots a fireball which bounces about 8 times on the ground. The fireball inflicts 5% of damage

Side Special: Cape. Mario uses his Cape which inflicts 12% of damage and reflects projectiles. The Cape also stop Mario's falling

Up Special: Super Jump Punch. Mario jumps and inflicts 14% of damage with his punch. Mario can recover with this move too!

Down Special: Star Spin. Mario rotates using the Star Power and inflicts 8% of damage. Mario can use this move only once a fall but this move get Mario higher.

Final Smash: Rainbow Star. Mario becomes invulnerable for 16 seconds and inflicts 5% of damage only touching the opponents. Mario can do every move when is in this form.


-Like all games in sport series (like Mario Kart or Mario Tennis) he is the most balanced character in the game.

-Mario is one of the four main characters in the Story Mode. The other are Link, Samus and Luigi.

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