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Final Smash Mega Mario

Mario returns once again to the Super Smash Bros. series in Super Smash Bros. Oblivion. Mario is one of the most balanced characters in the game and is the greatest to get used to the game's controls. One major change is that Mario's FLUDD was replaced with Fire Tornado, which used to be Mario's Final smash but was called Mario Finale. Mario's new Final Smash is Mega Mario.


Attack Attack Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Fireball 5% (early) 4% (late) Mario launches a fireball as a projectile.
Custom 1 Fast Fireball 3% (early) 2.3% (mid) 1.5% (late) Mario quickly fires a weaker ball of flame directly forward.
Custom 2 Fire Orb 1.5% per hit A slow but large orb of fire is launched from Mario's hand in an arc. It will damage any opponent it hits in its predetermined path until it fades away, because unlike the other two variants of Fireball it does not disappear upon impact.
Side Special Cape 7% Mario swings a cape from Super Mario World that reflects projectiles and enemies. It can also be used as a brief but continuously available recovery.
Custom 1 Shocking Cape 11.2% An offensive variant of Cape that discharges electricity. It cannot be used to reflect projectiles, although it can destroy them on contact. This variation does not stall Mario in the air. Does not turn opponents around but launches.
Custom 2 Gust Cape 5% Mario shoots a small gust of wind from his cape, pushing his opponent back in addition to turning them around. The cape deals slightly less damage.
Up Special Super Jump Punch 5% (hit 1) 1% (hits 2-5) 3% (hit 6) Mario performs a rising uppercut that releases aesthetic coins from those it hits.
Custom 1 Super Jump 0% Grants more distance than the standard Super Jump Punch, but at the cost of not having a hitbox.
Custom 2 Explosive Punch 8% (hit 1) 13% (hit 2) Much stronger than the Super Jump Punch and causes explosive fire damage instead of releasing coins, but at the cost of having far less recovery distance.
Down Special Fire Tornado 1.5% per hit Mario does a spin around, unleashing a flaming tornado that moves at a medium-speed across the battlefield. It has minor knockback and dissapears after awhile.
Custom 1  Explosive Tornado 2.3% per hit Like the Fire Tornado, but slower and smaller. When hit by this tornado it will cause an explosion. It dissapears after hitting something 3 times or dissapears after a couple seconds.
Custom 2 Wind Tornado 0% Like the Fire Tornado, but this attack gives up damage for knockback. This can throw players upwards and sometimes even get them caught inside it. It dissapears around the same time Fire Tornado would.
Final Smash 1 Mega Mario Damage Varies Mario will bring out a Mega Mushroom and will grow larger, now able to hit enemies with incredible damage. After a few seconds he shrinks back down to regular size.

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