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Mario (SSBM)
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Donkey Kong (1981)
Latest Appearance Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
 Mario is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Madness. He is a starter character and is a mediumweight character. Mario has good KO potential and has medium speed.

Special MovesEdit

  • B: Fireball: Mario launches a fireball at his oppenents, burning them. It is a good ranged attack.
  • Side: Cape: Mario swings a Cape at his oppenent. If it hits them, it does little damage, but if it hits a projectile, it sends it back at the user.
  • Up: Super Jump Punch: Mario jumps in the air, and gives him good altitude. It deals damage to anyone it hits.
  • Down: F.L.U.D.D: Mario charges up F.L.U.D.D by holding down B and the down button at the same time. When charged, it throws water at the enemy, but now brings the enemy farther then in Brawl.
  • Final Smash: Mario Finale: Mario launches two twin giant fireballs in his direction. It goes a great distance, and launches anything it touches towards the edge of the screen, great for KOs.


  • Up: Mario grows size then shrinks down to regular size again.
  • Down: Mario flips though the air and falls down, similar to Donkey Kong's death animation.
  • Side: Mario takes off his cap then puts it back doing a pose.


Mario enters via a Warp Pipe.




Idle PosesEdit

  • A block appears over Mario's head and he breaks it.
  • The same pose as the first, but Coins come out of the block.

Kirby HatEdit

Kirby recieves Mario's cap.

Pit ConversationEdit

  • Pit: Lady Palutena, that's Mario! Can you tell me if he has any new abilites?
  • Palutena: Yes Pit. Mario doesn't have any major new moves, at least as far as I know.
  • Pit: Also, how does Mario manage to grow when he eats mushrooms?
  • Palutena: Because he eats his vegetables, Pit. Maybe if you ate some once in a while, you'd grow taller too!
  • Pit: Are you kidding? The last time I ate a mushroom, I shrank smaller than Kirby! No way I'm eating those.
  • Palutena: You're making that up, aren't you? I'm cooking you up some vegetable soup when you get back here!
  • Pit: *Groans* At least I tried...

Snake CodecEdit

Normal CostumeEdit

  • Snake: Colonel, it's Mario again!
  • Colonel: He's gotten more powerful as time went on Snake. Be careful.
  • Snake: I don't notice anything different...
  • Colonel: Just keep an eye out.
  • Snake: Got it Colonel.

Dr. Mario CostumeEdit

  • Snake: Whoa! Mario has a new outfit!
  • Colonel: Snake, that's Dr. Mario. But he's still the same person.
  • Snake: Wait, Mario's a doctor too?
  • Colonel: Yes, of course. With his Megavitimins, he can cure colds, fevers, and chills.
  • Snake: Is he even certified...?
  • Colonel:  Umm... Just don't let him shove pills down your throat, Snake.
  • Snake: Thanks for the tip.

Win PosesEdit

Same as in Brawl.

Lose PosesEdit

Same as in Brawl.

Trophy DescriptionEdit

Mario is a multitasker. Over the long years, he has been a plumber, doctor, hero, construction worker, kart racer, golfer, tennis player, baseball player, artist, typist, dancer, and even a pinball. He is almost never seen without his famous cap. Back in 1981, he used to be enemies with Donkey Kong's father, Cranky Kong. Will Mario ever have peace and quiet?

  • Donkey Kong
  • New Super Mario Bros. U