Mario is a character who first appeared in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong.
SSB4 Mario



Mario has kept some of his iconic moveset intact in Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold, but he has some changes.

B: Fireball (Mario fires a fireball.)

B-Up: Super Jump Punch (Mario jumps in the air, his fist hitting opponents.)

B-Side: Cape (He uses a cape that can reflect projectiles.)

B-Down: Cat Flip (Mario gets cat paws on his hands and does a flip, sending opponents behind him.)

Final Smash: White Tanooki Mario (Mario turns into White Tanooki Mario. Fireballs turn white, his super jump punch also includes a tail spin, his cape is a double tail whip which doubles the power of the reflected projectiles, and his cat flip looses its paws, but gains more power and knockback. He also becomes invincible, faster, and more powerful in general.)

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