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Mario Powers Up!!!

Super mario render brothers by nibroc rock-d8x9ljm

Mario (starter)


Mario, being Mario, is a very balanced character. All of his stats are equle, and he is not too hard to beat. That said, he has his up's and downs. While he acts more like he does in SSB4 (who was aguably the best Mario) his fire flower attack is still only decent. However, his down attack can push enemies back, and his up attack ain't bad. Overall, he is perfect for beginers.


NUTRAL B: Mario shoots a fireball, whitch bounces like in the mainstream Mario games.

SIDE B: Mario uses his cape from Mario world to reflect progectiles and even enemies. It can also stall his falling for a tiny bit.

UP B: Mario does an uppercut to the sky, rapidly hurting the other player or CPU, then falls to the ground.

DOWN B: Mario equips flood on his back, then charges up. Once fully charged, he can shoot a stream of water that can push enemies back. Does not do damege, thogh.

FINAL SMASH: Mario shoots 2 giant fireballs. While very big, it is somewhat easy to avoid. In an 4 or 8 player smash, however, it's pretty easy to hit someone.

Other notes:



  • Mario has been in all Super smash bros games to date.
  • In Melee, his Down B was a spin, like luigi's. 

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