Mario is a character in Super Smash Bros. Fight. He is a veteran fighter.

Special Moves


Fireball is Mario's neutral special move. Mario shoots a fireball. It's the same as in brawl but faster.

180px-Mario Spin Art - Super Mario Galaxy
Star Spin

Star Spin is Mario's side special move. Mario spins. Anyone hit by the blue shockwave gets knocked back. Anyone close enough to Mario will be trapped. This attack reflects projectiles.

Super Jump Punch

Super Jump Punch is Mario's up special move. Mario jumps, and, if it hits an enemy, it gives various hits. Coins appear, but they are only for effect.

120px-Using FLUDD


F.L.U.D.D. is Mario's down special move. Mario charges, and shoots water at enemies. It does no damage, but pushes the enemy very far. If used in the air, Mario uses the Hover Nozzle to fly, this update has greatly improved Mario's recovery.

215px-Mario Finale
Mario Finale

Mario Finale is Mario's final smash. Mario launches a powerful blast of fire that drags enemies. It is more powerful than in Brawl.


Normal Taunt - Grows and shrinks.

Side Taunt - Removes his cap and puts it again.

Up Taunt - Jumps and spins in the air, then falls on his back with his legs up.

Down Taunt - Jumps three times in the same pose as in Super Mario Bros.

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