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Mario's render.
Universe Mario
Availability Starter
Special Moves Fireball/Fast Fireball/Fire Orb
Cape/Magical Cape/Shocking Cape
Super Jump Punch
Fire Jump Punch
Spiral Jump Punch
Star Spin/Drill Spin/Sliding Spin
Final Smash Mario Finale

Mario is a starter character from the Mario universe in the game, Super Smash Bros. Frozen & Boiling.


Normal attacks

Type Description Damage
Standard attack 1 Mario forward jabs. 2%
Standard attack 2 Mario forward jabs again with the other hand. 4%
Standard attack 3 Mario kicks forward, his foot expands greatly during the attack. 6%
Side tilt Mario does a strong forward kick. 10%
Down tilt Mario does a quick trip kick that sends opponents upward. Good for starting combos. 9%
Up tilt Mario does a spinning uppercut. 6%
Dash attack Mario does a running slide kick. 7%
Forward smash Mario charges and releases an explosive short-range fireball. When sweet spotted, it is one of the strongest smash attacks in the whole game. The attack does more damage when an opponent touches the fireball, which has a large range, while it's weaker if they connect with Mario's body. 14%
Down smash Mario does a "breakdance kick", hitting both sides with very strong knockback. 15%
Up smash Mario performs a headbutt with decent knockback, but short range. Mario's head becomes intangible during the attack portion of the move. 16%

Aerial attacks

Type Description Damage
Neutral aerial Mario performs a sex kick, extending his foot. 3%
Forward aerial Mario arcs his arm while punching forward/downward. 14%
Back aerial Unknown. Unknown.

Grabs and throws

Type Description Damage

Special moves

Type Image Name Description Damage Customs/Damage
Standard special Fireball Mario shoots a bouncing fireball that bounces off from walls, but not ramps. Fizzles out after 10 seconds. 5%

Mario shoots a fast, miniature bouncing fireball that bounces off from walls and ramps. Fizzles out after 5 seconds.

Mario shoots a slow, gigantic bouncing fireball that bounces off from ramps, but not walls. Fizzles out after 15 seconds.

Side special Cape Mario gets out a yellow cape and swipes it at the opponents, turning them around sideways. Has no knockback. 3%

Mario gets out a yellow cape and swipes it at the opponents, with a electric effect, destroys projectiles rather than reflecting them and doesn't flip them around.

Mario gets out a yellow cape and swipes it at the opponents, with a wind effect, pushing away opponents. Good for edgeguarding.



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