MP10 Mario
Mario jumps into action!
Series SSB Mario Series
Availability Starter
Debut Donkey Kong (1981)

Mario is the iconic veteran in the Super Smash Bros. series, now making his fifth appearance. Mario retains his artwork from Mario Party 10. While not receiving much, Mario has received a few different moves as well as a tiny downgrade in strength but increase in weight. Despite this, Mario is still notable as an average character in stats.


Mario is noted as an all-around character, making him easy to adapt to. Mario's attacks do fairly decent damage and his speed is decent as well for a somewhat "heavy" character. Despite this, Mario does have some downfalls. One of his downfalls include him reacting not quite fast, meaning players can strike him somewhat easily. Overall, Mario is still a good character either way.


  • Neutral
    • ​Neutral Attack: Mario jabs with one fist, hsi other fist then finishes with a forward kick.
    • Forward Tilt: Mario performs a roundhouse kick.
    • Up Tilt: Mario performs a spinning uppercut.
    • Down Tilt: Mario sweeps with his leg low to the ground.
    • Dash Attack: Mario's new Dash Attack invovles him doing the same method in SSB4, except with one foot only.
  • Smash
    • Forward Smash: Mario thruts his arm forward and produces a small blast of fire.
    • Up Smash: Mario's Up Smash invovles him handstanding and kicking upwards with both feet.
    • Downward Smash: Mario performs a breakdance sweep.
  • Aerials
    • ​Neutral Aerial: Mario does a "sex kick".
    • Forward Aerial: Mario swings his fist forward.
    • Back Aerial: Mario spins and kicks backwards.
    • Up Aerial: Mario's new Up Aerial invovles him doing a backflip and kicking upwards with one leg.
    • Down Aerial: Mario spins with both fists outward.
  • Others
    • ​Grab: Mario grabs the opponent with one hand.
    • Pummel: Mario headbutts the opponent.
    • Forward Throw: Mario spins his opponent around once and tosses the opponent.
    • Back Throw: Mario spins his opponent thrice and tosses the opponent opposite of the direction he grabbed them.
    • Up Throw: Mario throws his opponent high into the air.
    • Down Throw: Mario slams his opponent onto the ground.
    • Edge Attack: Does a somersault then kicks upwards in a lying position.
  • Special