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This article is about Mario in the "Powers" series. You may be looking for the original Mario.
Mario jump
Playable Character


Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and one of the 2 playable characters in Super Mario Powers: Δ, and one of the four in the upcoming sequel Super Mario Powers Γ. Mario is braver then Luigi, but cannot jump as high, or run as fast. Mario's special power-up is the Speed Shroom (Δ) and the Shy Suit (Γ).


Ability Description Power-Up
Jump Jump is a commonly used move that allows Mario to jump. There are 4 variations of the move: Double Jump (after jumping, press A in mid-air to do a Double Jump), Backflip (face backwards and jump the opposite way), Power Jump (hold A to gain speed, requires a Power Glove), and Spin Jump (run in circles and jump after doing 3-4 of them). Normal Jump: No

Double Jump: No
Power Jump: Power Glove
Spin Jump: No

Fireball Fireball is a projectile move that allows Mario to throw many fireballs. Mario is able to throw fireballs by tapping the screen, or by pressing B. Fire Flower
Hack Hack is a rare ability used by Mario to hack certain technology and robots. Hack also allows Mario to throw small microchips at enemies that cannot be hacked. Virus Mushroom
Metallic Metallic is an ability that gives Mario the ability to sink to the bottom of water, carry heavy objects, throw small metallic balls, and break certain walls. Metal Box

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