Mario (Lumoshi's Cookies: War)
Universe Mario
Smash Appearances
Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Availability Starter
Mario is one of the eight starting characters in Lumoshi's Cookies: War.


Normal moves

  • Normal: Mario does a quick attack at any nearby opponents. Deals 3-5% damage.
  • Up: Mario does a kick upwards. Does 5-7% damage.
  • Side: Mario does a punch to the side. Does 5-7% damage.
  • Down: Mario jumps and does a quick ground pound. Does 8% damage.

Special moves

  • Normal: Mario emits a short burst of fire from his hands. Deals 10-15% damage.
  • Up: Mario jumps upward and hits opponents. Deals 8-13% damage.
  • Side: Mario throws ice, which temporarily freeze them and deal 5% damage.
  • Down: Mario jumps and does a stronger ground pound. Deals 16% damage.

Amiibo moves

Mario's moves accessible through Amiibo are as follows. They can be swapped out with special moves.

  • Normal: Mario transforms into a brick and hits others. Deals 10-12% damage.
  • Up: Mario throws a Bob-omb at the opponents. Deals 16-20% damage.
  • Side: Mario does a Star Spin like Rosalina's. Deals 8-12% damage.
  • Down: Mario does a ground pound that sends shock waves to freeze enemies temporarily. No damage is inflicted.

Finale move

Mario, like the Mario Finale final smash, sends a massive wave of fire to the opponents dealing between 30-40% of damage.

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