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This is a page showing detailed info about Mario's special moves, including moves that can be used through the customization feature.

Neutral Special Moves

Standard: Fireball

Fireball is Mario's standard Special Moves. On this move, Mario throws a fireball at the opponent, Mario can throw two fireballs at a time. The Fireball itself is a somewhat slow projectile that can be easily dodged and if hit, it doesn't gives much damage at the opponent.

Origin: Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Custom A: Iceball

Iceball is one of Mario's two custom standard Special Moves. It works similar to the Fireball, with the exception that it freezes the opponent for a short time. If Mario attacks the opponent that is already frozen, the character will unfreeze and turn back to his normal form.

Origin: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)

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