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Mario,is a 2013 animated movie based off of the Mario series. It is written by Sr.Wario and features the origins of Mario and friends. It also starts the SMASH saga.

Studio(s) Wario Inc.
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type Animated
Genre(s) Action/Adventure

2D Animated Film

Country of Origin United States
Charles Marinet

Jen Taylor

Scott Burns

Age Rating(s)
Original Language English, Japanese
Budget 1,400,000
Box Office 3,000,000
Series SMASH


A drowsy 20 year old plumber struggles to live and support himself. His landlord Draco "Donkey Kong" King is vicious and unpatient, and his girlfriend Pauline dumps him. Mario(the plumber) wishes he could escape to a fantasy world where he was the hero. His younger brother Luigi comes to visit him, and they work on a plumbing job together. A distress call from another planet accidentally travels through a pipe. Luig runs, but Mario follows the signs. Wanting to protect Mario, he chased after him. They knock into each other, and are pushed into a warp hole. Meanwhile, Princess Katy "Peach" Toadstool has a meeting with King Bowser Von Koopa. The two are major rulers in the Shrum Planet, and are meeting for a partnership between Koopa Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser is a calm kind gentleman, and asks for Peach's hand in marriage to show their partnership. Peach is flattered, but wants a different kind of love. She kindly says no, when Bowser gets angry and releases two armored Koopa Knights. They grab her and throw her in Bowser's airship, the Koopa Carrier. Bowser laughs, and as Peach's guards run in, Bowser has already flew off. Meanwhile, Sherlock Bernard Toadsworth(Peach's advisor) calls someone. Mario and Luigi wake up in bed covered by a blanket with a princess on it. Mario gets up and sees himself in overalls. Confused, he wakes up Luigi. Luigi is terrified and slams his face into the pillow. Sighing, Mario goes downstairs to meet Mama Bessie, a mushroom like  old lady, and Papa Bernard a mushroom like old man. Mario is surprised. "Good morning! We found you two laying in the grass fields. Poor old things. Come over, I'll fix you breakfeast.", Bessie said. "Hello, my name is Mario. What a vivid dream." he said. "Dream? No, son. This is real life! Welcome to Toad Town. Where are you from?" Papa said to Mario. "New York." Mario said. "Huh. Sounds foreign. Anyways, pancakes are ready. Eat them up." Bessie told Mario. The dream was so real. It couldn't be. He was not going to accept that he was in an alien world with mushroom people easily. Oh well, tomorrow was another sad boring day. Enjoy it while it lasts, Mario thought. "Where's the other, Mario?" Papa asked. Mario didn't respond. "What? Oh, Luigi? He's upstairs "sleeping"." Mario responded. Luigi crept across his room, when he tripped and fell down the stairs. "Oh, Mama!" a dazed Luigi said. "Poor sugar, lemme get you a bandaid." Mama said. "AAH!" Luigi said when he saw Bessie and Bernard's toad heads. He fainted, as Papa ran over. " Oh don't worry. "He's just a bit faint hearted. Don't worry." Mario casually said. "Good! I thought the boy died there for a sec."  Papa said. "Why was the poor sweetheart so scared?" Mama asked.  "Well, in New York there are no...people like you." Mario said. "What? Must be in Yoshi's Island." Papa said. "Nope. No "yoshi" there." Mario responded. Both Toads were shocked. "We got an Earthling! HAHA!" Papa said. "Don't be rude, Papa. Well, welcome to Planet Mushroom!" Mama said. "Well, I gotta go get groceries. Bye!" Mama said. "Wait, I can get that for you mam." Mario said. "Why thank you!" Mama responded. "It's the least I can do." Mario said. After getting Luigi, he got into the Mushroom car.  As Mario drove, Luigi woke up and screamed. Mario swerved but caught himself. "Welcome to Toad Town!" Mario said and laughed. "This is the weirdest dream i've ever had." Luigi said. "I know right?", Mario said. "So our dreams are connected. Weird. Twinpathy!" Luigi said. "But we're not twins." Mario said as he turned into the parking lot. "Aww.." Luigi said as he walked into the store with Mario. Mario looked at the list. Flour, eggs, milk, steak, and oranges. They walked around the aiels and Luigi was mystified. Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Tanooki Salad? What was this? That's when four shells smashed through the glass and kncoked people down. Luigi ran and hid behind Mario. "Oh boy! It's the terrifying toad heads!" the leader turtle said. "Hahaha! Good one, boss!" the small turtle said. Two twin turtles popped out. "Let's get em'!" they said at the same time. The turtles got in their shells and slammed all the shelfs down, trapping the toads. They then went to the shopkeeper. "Alright, you shroom headed moron, hand over the coins." the  leader turtle yelled. Mario then ran and tackled him. They struggled, when one koopa shell knocked Mario into the wall. Mario fell onto a kncoked down and smushed "Fire Flower". Mario seemed knocked out, when a firey aura came. Mario jumped up, and uncontrollably blasted fireballs from his fingertips. The turtles got their tails burnt to a crisp and ran. Luigi came out shaking. "Thanks, pal! Lately, the koopa raids have been getting more intense." he said, as he shook Mario's hand. "Take whatever you want, it's on the house!" he said, as Luigi picked up so much he was about to fall down. The shopkeeper smiled as they left. Meanwhile, a shadowy toad left while speaking to someone on his phone. "Things are starting fine sir," he said.  As the brothers returned to the house they talked. "That was insane, Mario! We almost got GAME OVER!" Luigi said in a squeaky voice. "Come on. Weegee! For our whole lives we wanted to do something fun and adventurous." Mario said. "It's a stupid vivid dream! Wake up, Mario! Be realistic for once!" Luigi yelled. They both became silent and went home. They parted their ways as Mario gave the groceries to Mama. "I'm woring about those two. Must've been a big fight." she said. Papa nodded and everyone went to sleep. Later that morning, Mario and Luigi got up for the news. "Katy Toadstool, Princess Peach, has been kidnapped by King Bowser Von Koopa after a meeting. Officials say Bowser's fleet is powerful and armored. It was game over for many toad knights, and the kingdom is left in chaos. Who will save us? We'll find out soon, so long, Tara Toad." it said. Mario was enchanted as he saw the princess. Mario knew it. He had to save her. Dream or not, it was his chance to be a hero. Mario looked at Luigi, who angrily shook his head. Alone, he got his trademark hat, left a letter, and set out to rescue the princess. The original Mario music played as Mario is shown setting out for Toad Town. At the gates, Mario is attacked by a group of five "goombas". Mario runs, but comes back, and fights the goombas. Soon,  all are kncoked out as Mario wiped a line of sweat off his head. He went in and saw the path to the castle. He greeted everyone before swiftly running towards the castle. An old toad says, "What a strange man." While the others laugh. Mario finally arrives at Peach's Castle, and sees two very tall guards. "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE CITIZEN. GO STRAIGHT HOME", the guards said in unison. Mario nodded and ran off to the side going up a hill. "GET HIM" the guards yelled. Mario finally came face to face with them as they stumbled down. The armor fell off and it was revealed to be multiple goombas stacked up high. They ran at Mario, who got the guard's sword and hit the goombas away. Mario ran to the castle to see the catsle was locked. Mario went in a back door, and ran towards Toadsworth. The fake Toadsworth was really a cardboard cut out, and Mario fell down into a dungeon. Funnily, he landed right in a cage. Mario saw the other kidnapped toads. "Help!" rang out through the room. Mario jumped but it was no use. Then, a strange creature approached. It used it's tounge to unlock Mario's cell. "Yoshi!" it yelled excitedly. "Thanks, Yosh!" Mario said as he released the others. Then, two armored koopas came in with spears. Mario had taken the unarmored koopa thugs before, but this was something else. They both charged and Mario jumped onto Yoshi. Yoshi ate the spears and spit them at the koopas, pinning them to the wall. They both grumbled as Mario took their keys and left. "Help?" they yelled like helpless babies. He unlocked everyone's cages, and they all stormed through the dungeon. Mario walked into the main room of the castle. A mustached toad found Mario. "Thank you, Young Master...what's your name?" he asked. "Mario." Mario responded. The mustached toad introduced himself as Toadsworth and Mario was happy.  Toadsworth was surprised that Mario was on such an adventure. However, he felt relieved that someone was coming to take charge and defeat the evil Bowser. Meanwhile, a figure in the background snuck off. The figure says to a large creature, "He's beginning his journey." The large creature growled, "Send out the squad."  Mario then walked out of the castle and found a car that said M on it. Toads smiled as they wheeled it out to him. Mario thanked them and set out on his journey.  Mario turned on the radio and learned of Bowser's nefarious plan to  release a squadron of Bob-Ombs to effectively control the Toad population.  Mario rushed ahead going as fast as he could. Then, the bridge  ahead went down. "AAAAAAH!" Mario screamed as he fell into the water with his car. Mario held his breath and smashed the door open and swam to the surface as the car sunk. Mario sighed and got up to the land.   The bridge was being controlled by Bowser. Mario coughed up some water and walked on.  After he walked a mile, he fell down. When he woke up he was in a hotel. As he exited, he gave coins to the toad and walked on. He was in Border Town, where the Mushroom Kingdom went into the Dark Kingdom where Bowser lived.  A young goomba with blonde hair named Stan greeted Mario and said that he found Mario and got help. Mario thanked him and walked to a store. Dark World was near so he bought mushrooms, fire flowers, and more.  When he was broke he ran to the gates and climbed into Dark Kingdom. Dark skies and storms greeted him. Two armored koopas charged towards him. They stabbed him in the arm but he attacked their heads with a blow from the shoulder. He wrapped up a tanooki leaf and put it on his wound to stop the bleeding. Mario saw the door wouldn't budge so he climbed over onto a rooftop. Two turrets fired large missiles at Mario, he panicked and as he tried to dodge his "band-aid" fell of. He tried to put it back on but soon overtook a strange transformation. He flew over the cannons and into a room. The ground shook and the room he was in collapsed as he looked out. A green figure was throwing Bob-Ombs at the army ahead. The sudden realization that it was Luigi shocked him. Mario jumped out from the window. He got up and saw the army surrounding Luigi. Mario got a fire flower and burned them as Luigi pulled him up. They hugged and Luigi told him that he was tired of living life that way. Mario stays behind but Luigi tells him to go. Mario will not budge so Luigi pushes him into the next room and shuts the door as armies and armies surround him. Mario reaches the throne room of Bowser to see a trapped tied up Peach locked in a prison cell with tape over her mouth. Bowser pushes Mario as Mario slides and punches him in the gut. Bowser proceeds to stumble and the ground breaks. The two fell into a magma filled room with a small platform. A battle ensues as the two grow weary. Luigi throws a bomb at the room which shakes the ground. Bowser looses his guard for a splitsecond and Mario kicked him into the lava. Bowser burned and soon fell completely into the lava. The two grab Peach and run away as hundreds of bombs explode completely obliterating the dark wasteland. The trio are knocked off of their feet as they go to Toad Town. The city cheers for Mario and Luigi as Peach returns to her throne. Toadsworth offers them a way back to their homes as the scientists have opened a dimensional rift that will close in a few hours. Mario begins to speak when Luigi turns the offer down. Now knowing that life here is real, the two settle down in the world becoming instant celebrities. Katy invites them to a tennis game and dinner, only for Luigi to meet Peach's best friend Princess Sara "Daisy" Maplo. The two fall in love as Mario and Peach watch. The movie ends with Mario standing on top of a building watching fireworks.

In the post-credits scene the shadowy toad from the convienience store watches Mario from afar while looking at a list on paper. He uses a pen to cross off Mario and looks down to see a picture of a green-capped man with blonde hair.


  • Mario: A kind but misunderstood plumber who is drowsy and sad because of his hard life, but changes into an adventurous man who is selfless. He is 20 years old and has a a mustache and a red baseball cap. He also wears overalls when plumbing. Charles Marinet does his voice, but in a much less italian accent that is more brooklyn.
  • Luigi: Mario's slightly younger brother who is cowardly but cares for his brother. He is 19 but a bit smarter then his brother, and prefers not to fight, but does if he needs to. He is tall and slender, with a green baseball hat and a small mustache. Charles Marinet voices him as a squeakier verson of Mario's voice.
  • Katy "Peach" Toadstool: A beautiful 19 year old princess with blonde hair. She is smart and highly skilled in politics. She hates being a damsel in distress and causes trouble when she was kidnapped. Katy uses her father's nickname for her "Peach" as her name. Voiced  by Jen Taylor.
  • Sherlock Bernard Toadsworth: An elderly  Toad with a mustache who worked with Peach's father and now advises Peach as her close friend. He befriends Mario and sees him as the world's last hope. He is a worrywart and cares about Peach like she's his duaghter. Voiced by Morgan Freeman.
  • Bowser Von Koopa: A koopa who rules Koopa Kingdom. He has red hair and various spikes on his shell. He wants to marry Peach so he can gain control of the entire world and will do it by any means. His strength is unmatched and his army is powerful and skilled in conquest. Voiced by Scott Burns.
  • Kamekilo "Kamek" Villa: A magical koopa shaman that is elderly. He raised Bowser after his father died and he is now Bowser's trusted advisor(making him Bowser's "Toadsworth"). His magic is very powerful. Voiced by Jason Isaacc.
  • Draco King: Mario's hairy gruff landlord who also acts as the owner of a tavern in Brooklyn. Draco is nicknamed "Donkey Kong" by Mario after his pet monkey. He insults Draco by saying, "their both hairy, stupid, and fat, oh wait that's an insult to my pet." Draco is very coldhearted, greedy, and mean and is a minor character seen for the first few scenes. He is voiced by Hank Azaria.
  • Pauline Minaky: Mario's ex-girlfriend. She has a cameo in the very beginning dumping Mario. She is voiced by Anneliese Louise van der Pol.
  • Bessie Hilltod(Mama): Mario and Luigi's caretaker as they arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom. She is prominent for the first half and appears cheering Mario and Luigi on at a parade blowing them kisses with Papa. Voiced by Kathy Bates.
  • Bernard Hilltod(Papa): Mario and Luigi's "adoptive father". He is quiet and gruff but kind. Voiced by Martin Sheen.
  • Stan: A young goomba with blonde hair who is Mario's biggest fan and appears at the parade with a big sign. He is voiced by Eddie Murphy.
  • Sara "Daisy" Maplo: Peach's best friend and the princess of the kingdom's neighbor Sarsaland. She appears near the end of the film as Luigi's interest and she is also 19. Voiced by Deanna Mustard.

Various toads were voiced by John Stocker, Yoshi was voiced by Kazumi Totaka, Bowser's minions were voiced by Hank Azaria.





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