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The game's official logo.

Mario & Yoshi RPG is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by --YoshiEgg (Talk) please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is for the Nintendo DS and DSi.

Playable Characters

Baby Characters To Recruit


Mario and Yoshi were going to go save the Princess once again when they came across Bowser. Mario and Yoshi battled Bowser and won, once again. While Bowser was down and Mario and Yoshi were riding away, Bowser Jr popped out of the blue and used his magic paintbrush to send the two back in time. Now, Mario and Yoshi were back to the time when they were all only little toddlers! After finding Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, they tell Mario and Yoshi that Baby Bowser (Baby Bowser and Bowser Jr are NOT the same people!) captured Baby Peach and scattered their baby friends all over the Mushroom Kingdom. They also told them that Baby Bowser had the blueprints for a time-machine that Mario and Yoshi could easily build to get back home. So, with the help of the babies, Birdo, and Boshi, Yoshi and Mario set out to go save Baby Peach and get back home...


The gameplay is the same as that of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.


  • Red Inc. was going to help with this game, but they dropped out unexpectedly. However, they created a logo for this



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