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Mario & Wario: Legacy of the Family is a RPG Action game for the Nintendo NX coming out 2016. It introduces very much new characters, the main new characters are Dario, Big Bernardo, Fabrizio and Maria.


One day, Mario uses the Time Machine from Dr. E. Ten and went back to Brooklyn. But then he meets his old Uncle Dario and his son Wario. Then he meets his other cousin Waluigi and his father Eario. But then the Koopa's attack Brooklyn. They meet the previous leader of the Koopa, Kamek Koopa and his evil kids Bowser, Sheldon, Choppy, Snappy, Twisty and Shelly.


1-1 Brooklyn Bridge Breakdown

1-2 Whitman Park War

1-3 McLaughlin Park Parcour

1-4 Commodore Barry Park Pitch

1-5 Fort Green Park Fuse

1-6 Bowser's Prospect Park Zoo Pride (Unlocking Waluigi)

2-1 Kolbert Park Putch

2-2 Marine Park Maw

2-3 Sheapshead Bay Brawl

2-4 Calvert Vaux Park Parts

2-5 Bath Beach Battle

2-6 Sheldon's Outback Steakhouse Start (Unlocking Big Bernardo)

3-1 Fort Hamilton Fusion

3-2 Bay Ridge Bark

3-3 Sunset Park Charge

3-4 Greenwood Grunge

3-5 South Slope Slumbers

3-6 Choppy's Charge (Unlocking Luigi)

4-1 Cinema Strike

4-2 Shoarma Stall

4-3 Construction Case

4-4 Greenhouse Grant

4-5 Demolition Distance

4-6 Snappy's Show

5-1 Mechanic Mohawk

5-2 Battle on the Bridge

5-3 Statue of Liberty Law 5-4 Manhattan Maze

5-5 Moron Match

5-6 Twisty's Twitch (Unlocking Dario)

6-1 White House War

6-2 Catchy Crop

6-3 Empire State Building Brawl

6-4 Filthy Farm 6-5 Sunny Zoo

6-6 Shelly's Shelly Shape

6-A Kamek's Creepy Call













Kamek A. Koopa 

Bowser Y. Koopa

Sheldon D. Koopa

Choppy M. Koopa

Snappy P. Koopa

Twisty J. Koopa

Shelly N. Koopa Dr. Edward J. Ten 

Dr. E. Gadd 




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