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Mario & Sonic at the Karaoke Stage is an upcoming game for the S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5. The game is a crossover from the Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series. (Obviously)

Mario & Sonic at the Karaoke Stage
Developer(s) C.I.A. Station, Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) S.T.Y.L.U.S
Genre(s) Karaoke
Release Date(s)
Currently Unknown
Single Player, Multiplayer (separate)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included S.T.Y.L.U.S Card.


You begin by selecting a song, and a character (Mario, Sonic, Peach, etc.) If you manage to hit the notes right, you get a star for that character. Once all the songs in a difficulty level had been created, a new package of songs becomes available according to who had the most stars. Once you have completed all difficulty levels, you can make your own songs.

  • Hint: You can replay a difficulty level, to unlock another song package.



  • Mario Theme
  • Sonic Theme
  • Bowser's Castle Theme
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Angel Island Zone (Brawl Remix)
  • Mario's Overworld Theme


  • Live and Learn-Mario Package
  • His World-Luigi Package
  • Ricco Harbor- Sonic Package
  • Delfino Plaza-Tails Package


  • Open Your Heart-Mario Package


  • Samus' Theme - Beat Easy and Medium mode as Luigi and Tails
  • SSB Brawl Theme - Beat Hard mode as all characters

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