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Made by Bradly1203 (tbc).
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There are 14 missions of the game There are 14 Bosses.

Mario Missions

Level 1 Missions
1-1 Drive through 10 number gates of Birdo Circuit. 1:00 Birdo
1-2 Get the Bob-omb hit 5 Pokeys of Desert Hills. 0:35 Dry Bones
1-3 Collect all 100 coins of N64 DK's Jungle Parkway. 6:00 DK
1-4 Perform 30 power-slide turbo boosts in 6 laps of Lakitu Stadium 5:00 Lakitu
1-Boss Defeat Big Bully to knock him out. 3:00 Yoshi
Level 2 Missions
2-1 Finish before Shy Guy of 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar. 0:00 Luigi
2-2 Drive backward and collect 15 coins of Blooper Beach. 0:50 Blooper
2-3 Get Star run over the 20 Rocky Wrenches of Airships Way. 3:00 Waluigi
2-4 Destroy all 15 item boxes of DS Peach Gardens. 2:00 Peach
2-Boss Defeat Gooper Blooper 3 times and Hit Triple Green Shells. 5:00 Mario
Level 3 Missions
3-1 Finish before Peach of Wii Daisy Circuit. 0:00 Daisy
3-2 Drive through all 10 number gates in backwards of 3DS Koopa City. 3:00 Koopa Troopa
3-3 Collect all 30 coins of Rocky Mansion. 4:00 Boo
3-4 Get Star to use and hit 10 Piranha Plants of Pipes Slideway. 1:00 Petey Piranha
3-Boss Reach the finish before Wart of GCN Sherbet Land. 0:00 Peach
Level 4 Missions
4-1 Collect all 60 coins of Wii Maple Treeway. 4:00 Diddy Kong
4-2 Reach the finish before Dry Bowser of GCN Bowser's Castle. 0:00 Bowser
4-3 Destroy all 100 item boxes of 3DS Rock Rock Mountain. 10:00 Wiggler
4-4 Drive through all 5 numbered gates of Nintendo Wii. 0:11 Mario
4-Boss Defeat Chief Chilly and knock him out. 5:00 Luigi
Level 5 Missions
5-1 Reach the finish before Chain Chomp of DS Peach Gardens. 0:00 Peach
5-2 Get Star to use hit 6 Cows of Wii Moo Moo Meadows. 0:50 Baby Luigi
5-3 Collect all the 50 coins of 3DS DK Jungle. 3:00 Funky Kong
5-4 Drive through all 30 numbered gates of GCN Wario Colosseum. 8:00 Wario
5-Final Boss Reach the finish before Giga Bowser of Bowser's Castle. 0:00 Bowser Jr.

Sonic Missions

Level 6 Missions
6-1 Perform 30 power-slide turbo boosts in 5 laps. 2:50 Sonic
6-2 Reach the finish before Shadow. 0:00 Silver
6-3 Collect all the 30 rings. 4:00 Marine
6-4 Complete 4 laps within the time limit3 9:00 Vector
6-Boss Defeat Emerl with 3 times. 3:00 Knuckles
Level 7 Missions
7-1 Drive through all 8 numbered gates. 0:50 Rouge
7-2 Drive backward and collect 20 rings. 0:55 Metal Sonic
7-3 Reach the finish before Vector. 0:00 Espio
7-4 Destroy all 5 item boxes. 0:50 Cream
7-Boss Reach the finish before Iblis. 0:00 Dr. Eggman
Level 8 Missions
8-1 Drive backward and all 7 numbered gates. 0:40 Marine
8-2 Destroy all 16 item boxes. 0:55 Amy
8-3 Reach the finish before E-102 Gamma 0:00 E-123 Omega
8-4 Collect all 19 rings. 0:50 Bark
8-Final Boss Defeat Time Eater with 5 times. 1:18 Tails

Pokemon Missions

Kanto Missions
K-1 Drive all 10 numbered gates. 0:50 Charizard
K-2 Destroy all 15 item boxes. 1:00 Psyduck
K-3 Reach the finish before Tentacruel. 0:00 Rapidash
K-4 Collect all 10 coins. 0:35 Koffing
K-Boss Defeat Articuno with 3 times and Hit Chandelure. 5:00 Mr. Mime
Johto Missions
J-1 Reach the finish before Slugma. 0:00 Chikorita
J-2 Collect 50 coins. 8:00 Cyndaquil
J-3 Destroy all 30 item boxes. 1:35 Totodile
J-4 Drive backward and all 10 numbered gates. 1:05 Togepi
J-Boss Defeat Donphan with 3 times and Hit Rhyhorn. 5:00 Umbreon
Hoenn Missions
H-1 Reach the finish before Grovyle. 0:00 Treecko
H-2 Drive through all 20 numbered gates. 3:00 Torchic
H-3 Collect all 40 coins. 5:00 Mudkip
H-4 Destroy all 6 item boxes. 2:00 Deoxys
H-Boss Defeat Zangoose with 3 times and Hit Wailord. 5:00 Seviper
Sinnoh Missions
S-1 Drive backward and collect 20 coins. 0:45 Torterra
S-2 Reach the finish before the Monferno. 0:00 Infernape
S-3 Drive through the 5 numbered gates. 0:25 Empoleon
S-4 Collect all 12 coins. 0:40 Mime Jr.
S-Boss Defeat Garchomp with 3 times and Hit Mamoswine. 5:00 Lucario
Unova Missions
U-1 Reach the finish before Victini. 0:00 Snivy
U-2 Collect all 15 coins. 0:55 Pignite
U-3 Drive through all 20 numbered gates. 1:00 Samurott
U-4 Destroy 16 item boxes. 3:00 Landorus
U-Final Boss Defeat 2 Meloettas with 3 times and Hit Whirlipede. 5:00 Genesect


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