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There are items from the Mario & Sonic Racing No Constancy.

Poké Balls

There are 192 Poké Balls, This are 120 default Poké Balls and 72 Unlockable Poké Balls.

Default Poké Balls

They start off with 120 Poké Balls.

Unlockable Poké Balls

This Poké Balls are unlocked them all in 72 Poké Balls.

  • Metang (Complete Level 5 Missions)
  • Metagross (Complete Level 6 Missions)
  • Cryogonal (Complete Level 7 Missions)
  • Porygon (Complete Level 8 Missions)
  • Porygon2 (Complete Kanto Missions)
  • Feebas (Complete Johto Missions)
  • Milotic (Complete Hoenn Missions)
  • Kyogre (Complete Sinnoh Missions)
  • Groudon (Complete Unova Missions)
  • Rayquaza (Get a 1 Star-Rank in Mario Missions)
  • Jirachi (Get a 1 Star-Rank in Sonic Missions)
  • Celebi (Get a 1 Star-Rank in Pokémon Missions)

Standard Items

There are 22 standard items.

  1. Green Shell
  2. Red Shell
  3. Banana
  4. Mushroom
  5. Bullet Bill
  6. Spiny Shell
  7. Blooper
  8. Ice Shell
  9. Thwomp
  10. Whimp
  11. Whomp
  1. Boomerang
  2. Topmaniac
  3. Star
  4. Golden Mushroom
  5. Triple Mushrooms
  6. Lucky 7
  7. Star Bits
  8. Triple Green Shells
  9. Triple Red Shells
  10. Heart
  11. Giant Banana
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