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This is a game being created by Mario Vs. Eggman. So, do not edit this page with out asking me first. Thank you!

Mario & Sonic Kart Racing
No cover yet
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
North America:


Single player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Racing

Mario & Sonic Kart Racing is a 3D game to be released fo the Wii.


the list so far

Name First Vehicle Secondary Vehicle
Mario B Dasher Mach Bike
Luigi Poltergust 4000 Rapide
Wario Wario Bike Wario Car
Peach Royale Royal Racer
Yoshi Dolphin Dasher Egg
Daisy Power Flower Nitrocycle
Bowser Bowser Bike Flame Flyer
Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Star Star Bike
Dr. Eggman Eggmobile E-Rider
Tails Tornado Racer Tail Bike


Normal Items

  • Mushroom/Sonic's Shoes

Special Items

Character Special Item Description
Mario Fire Ball (red) Mario turns in to a big fire ball and then takes off down the track he attacks any character he comes close to.
Luigi Fire Ball (green) Luigi turns in to a big fire ball and then takes off down the track he attacks any character he comes close to.
Wario Chain Chomp Wario calls for a chain chomp which attaches himself to Wario's vehicle then pulls Wario down the track attacking near by characters that get in his way.
Bowser King Bill Bowser calls for a king bill and then Bowser rides it down the track fliping any character that gets in his way.
Sonic Chaos Emeralds Sonic gets out the chaos emeralds to become Super Sonic, then does a supersonic boost down the track that flips any character that get in his way.
Dr. Eggman Missiles Eggman takes off down the track, launching destructive rockets that wipe out near by characters.


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