This page describes the story of Mario & Sonic Adventure Land


In the prologue intro, King Bowser Koopa is seen battling Mario in his Koopa Clown Car at his own castle, while having Princess Peach Toadstool hostage, in one of his numerous schemes to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, this time using dimensional void-making machines. However, Mario has defeated Bowser yet again, by handily dumping a Mecha-Koopa in his face with a bit help from his brother Luigi, resulting the Koopa Clown Car crashing. With Bowser lying unconscious, Mario helps Peach standing up to receive a kiss. Getting tired of Bowser kidnapping the princess all the time, Mario decides to throw Bowser into one of the dimensional voids his machine made, and to sabotage it afterwards. The two brothers and the princess leave the place with a hot-air balloon Toad has set up.

Around the same time, in a completely different dimension, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is in the middle of his feud against Sonic the Hedgehog in a factory designed after the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman was about to conquer Mobius in order to recreate it into Eggmanland, this time by using machines that created dimensional voids, similar to Bowser's machines (unbeknownst to both of them). Sonic has almost defeated Dr. Eggman, and is about to deliver the final blow. He is complaining to his nemesis that he is a bit fed up to Eggman trying to pester him for over 20 years, and hopes not to have to do all this hassle again. His buddy Miles "Tails" Prower heard that and suggest him to throw Eggman in his own dimensional voids. Sonic agrees and delivers a powerful kick to the Eggmobile, the device Eggman resides into, leading Eggman straight to one of the dimensional voids. Sonic and Tails sabotage the machine and leave the place with Tails's airplane, the Tornado.

Bowser and Dr. Eggman happen to be trapped in the same dimension, seemingly similar to white limbo, and so they meet. They complain how neither of them were able to succeed their heinous goals, thanks to their respective nemeses. The two decide to team up whenever they get out of the limbo dimension, and they already think up of an evil scheme. Eggman thinks it would be easier to achieve both their goals when both their dimensions are merged with each other, with his latest scheme still in mind. Bowser agrees, but realizes that they need to get to their own dimensions to realize their plans. At this moment, one of Bowser's faithful minions was able to fix Bowser's machine and gets Bowser and Eggman out the limbo dimension. With help of the Koopa Troop, Dr. Eggman was able to return to his own dimension. When Eggman arrived, he sees his more evil double, waiting for him.

A month has passed before the following events have begun.

Red Campaign Story

Green Campaign Story

Blue Campaign Story

Yellow Campaign Story