The list of Mario enemies in Mario & Sonic: Worlds Clash.

Image Enemy World
Goomba New Goomba Mushroom Plains
Paragoomba NSMBU Paragoomba Desert level
Goomba Stack SM3DL Goomba Tower Mushroom Plains
Goomba New Big Goomba Mushroom Plains
Dry Goomba Bone Goomba Castle level
Green Koopa New Green Koopa Troopa Mushroom Plains
Koopa NSMBU Red Koopa Troopa Desert level
Paratroopa New Red Koopa Paratroopa Desert level
ParatroopaNSMBU Green Koopa Paratroopa Mushroom Plains
Green Koopa New Green Big Koopa Troopa
Koopa NSMBU Red Big Koopa Troopa
HammerBroNSMBU Hammer Bro. Mushroom Plains
FireBroNSMBU Fire Bro. Desert level
BoomerangBroNSMBU Boomerang Bro. Desert level
IceBroNSMBU Ice Bro. Snow level
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro.
LakituNSMBU Lakitu Desert level, Mountain level
Spiny NSMB2 Spiny Desert level, Mountain level
BuzzybeetleNSMBU Buzzy Beetle Desert level
Spike Top SMWU Spike Top Desert level
DRY Dry Bones Desert level
Para Dry Bones - Super Mario 3D World Parabones Desert level
Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy Magikoopa Airship level
Piranha Plant NSMBUPiranhaPlantSM3DL Piranha Plant Mushroom Plains
PiranhaPlantSM3DL Big Piranha Plant Mountain level
FirepiranhaNSMBU Venus Fire Trap Mushroom Plains
Venus Ice Trap SMWU Venus Ice Trap Snow level, Mountain level
Nipper Plant Potted Nipper Plant
Dry Piranha Plant Bone Piranha Plant Desert level
MuncherU Muncher
CheepCheepNSMBU Cheep Cheep Beach level
DeepCheepNSMBU Deep Cheep Beach level
YellowCheepCheepNSMBU Eep Cheep Beach level
SpinyCheepNSMBU Spiny Cheep Cheep Beach level
PorcuPufferNSMBU Porcu-Puffer Beach level
Cheep-Chomp NSMBDIY Cheep Chomp Beach level
FishboneNSMBU Fishbone Ghost house level
BlooperMK8 Blooper Beach level
250px-BabyBlooperNSMBU Blooper Baby Beach level
BloopernannyNSMBU Blooper Nanny Beach level
BulletBillMK8 Bullet Bill Mountain level
Missile Bill SMWU Bull's-Eye Bill Mountain level
BanzaibillNSMBU Banzai Bill Mountain level
TorpedoTed Torpedo Ted Castle level
BooNSMBU Boo Ghost house level
BooNSMBU Big Boo Ghost house level
Circling Boo Buddies 3D Circling Boo Buddies Ghost house level
PeepaSM3DW Peepa Ghost house level
Spike NSMBWii Spike
Stone Spike NSMBDIY Stone Spike
Chomp Chain Chomp
Fire Chomp SMWU Fire Chomp
Amp YoshiGo99 Amp Castle level
BobombNSMBU Bob-omb Mountain level
ParabombNSMBU Parabomb Mountain level
Thwomp2 Thwomp Bowser's Castle
Thwomp2 Super Thwomp Bowser's Castle
Thwimp Bowser's Castle
WhompMP9 Whomp Mountain level
NewPodoboo Podoboo Bowser's Castle
Fire Snake SMWU Fire Snake Desert level
Wiggler Walking Wiggler
Wiggler Walking Big Wiggler
MontymoleNSMBU Monty Mole Mountain level
FuzzyNSMBU Fuzzy
PokeyNSMBU Pokey Desert level
UrchinNSMBU Urchin Beach level
Magmaargh Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Magmaargh Bowser's Castle
Magmaw Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Magmaw Bowser's Castle
Sandmaargh Desert level

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