Mario & Sonic: Rift in Time
M&S-RiT Boxart
Developer(s) Gyron Media
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Switzerland flag March 29th, 2018
Japan Flag March 12th, 2018
Flag of Europe March 29th, 2018
Slovenia March 29th, 2018
Flag of USA March 10th, 2018
CanadaMarch 10th, 2018
Single Player, Multiplayer, Wi-Fi Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Mario/Sonic
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Mario and some of his friends are having a picnic in World 1-1 when they are interrupted by Wario on his motorbike. Meanwhile Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are chasing down Shadow and Omega because they have stolen a Chaos Emerald. Then all of a sudden strange rifts begin to open up all across the Mushroom Kingdom and Mobius. Sonic and co. are shocked when a strange looking giant turtle followed by smaller strange turtles jumped through and made off with the Master Emerald and the remaining six Chaos Emeralds. While this occurs Mario's picnic is interrupted again by a strange fat man in pod who kidnaps Peach. Chasing after the villains the two groups eventually run into each other and after grudgingly putting aside their old rivalry they agree to team up.

Playable Characters

The playable characters are sorted into two teams Team Mario and Team Sonic.

Team Mario

Name Summary


Mario is... well, Mario. He jumps average height, runs average speed and can use all Power-Ups except those exclusive to Wario and Yoshi.


Luigi jumps highest and runs fastest, but has poor traction and cannot use the Metal Cap, Wing Cap or Power-Ups exclusive to Wario or Yoshi.


Toad is unable to use any Power-Ups besides the Super Mushroom, however he is capable of pulling vegtables out of the ground and throwing them as well as punching out enemies. His jump is short and his run is slow, but he can stop on a dime.


Wario is unable to use any Power-Ups other than those specifically for him (Garlic, Spicy Garlic and Super Garlic) and the Metal Cap. Wario's jump is short but he is able to preform a double-jump by farting in mid air. Wario is slow, however in addition to being able to stomp enemies he can also charge into them or stun them with a fart and throw them. Wario will also sometimes have levels that he rides through on his motorbike.


Yoshi has a completely different play style than the rest of Team Mario. Yoshi uses his eggs and eggroll to kill enemies along with stomping or eating them. Yoshi has an "Egg Meter" that depletes as he uses his egg based powers and it is replenished slowly over time or by eating enemies or fruit. Their are also Power-Up fruits from Mario Galaxy 2. They have different effects here though. Yoshi has a life bar which is replenished by eating certain kinds of fruit.

Team Sonic

Name Summary

Next sonic 00

Sonic's theme song says it all "he's the fastest thing alive" or at least the fastest character on Team Sonic. He has the Spin Dash, the Homing Attack, the Speed Shoes and the classic Shields.


Tails is a bit slower than Sonic, but he can fly and Tailspin. He also has the Spin Dash, the Speed Shoes and the classic Shields, but not the Homing Attack.

Knuckles X2

Knuckles is the second slowest character on Team Sonic, but makes up for it in that he can glide, break rocks, climb walls and can use every move and item Sonic can.

Shadow 2002

Shadow is identical to Sonic, except he capable of opening temporary rifts called "Chaos Slips" that allow him to teleport short distances. Shadow will also sometimes have levels that he rides through on his motorbike.

E-123 Omega
E-123 Omega

Omega has a completely different play style than the rest of Team Sonic. Omega uses his missles to kill enemies along with slashing them. Omega has a "Missile Meter" that depletes as he uses his missiles and it is replenished slowly over time or by collecting missile boxes. Omega can also get temporary upgrades from special crates such as lasers or frag missiles. Omega has a life bar which is replenished by collecting wrenches.


Name Summary Usable By

Super Mushroom

The classic mushroom. It gives Mario, Luigi and Toad an extra hit and lets them break blocks. Mario, Luigi, Toad

Fire Flower

Gives the ability to shoot fireballs and gives a third hit. Mario, Luigi

Ice Flower

Gives the ability to shoot iceballs and gives a third hit. Mario, Luigi

Super Leaf

Transforms a character into their Tanooki form allowing them to swing their tail, glide and turn into a statue and gives a third hit. Mario, Luigi

Metal Cap

Turns Mario/Wario into Metal Mario/Wario making him invincible until he takes five hits or finishes the level, but halves jump height and run speed and removes Wario's double jump in exchange for letting him take ten hits before it goes away. Mario, Wario

Wing Cap

Allows Mario to fly until he takes a hit. Mario


It gives Wario an extra hit and lets him break blocks. Wario

Spicy Garlic

Transforms Wario into Dragon Wario giving him an extra hit and the ability to spit fire. Wario

Super Garlic
Super Garlic

Transforms Wario into Super Wario giving him two extra hits and the ability to fly until hit once. Wario


Restores Yoshi's "Egg Meter". Yoshi

Gum gum fruit
Health Fruit

Restores Yoshi's health. Yoshi

Blimp Fruit
Blimp Fruit

Inflates Yoshi temporarily allowing him to be unrestricted by his "Egg Meter", also restores some "Egg Meter". Yoshi

Transform nav light active
Bulb Berry

Causes a flash that temporarily stuns enemies, also restores some "Egg Meter". Yoshi

200px-SMG2 Dashpepper
Dash Pepper

Causes Yoshi to catch fire allowing him to charge his enemies, also restores some "Egg Meter". Yoshi

Speed Shoes

Boosts the speed of Sonic characters. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow

Shield icon 2 3

Protects from one hit. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow

Fire Shield
Fire Shield

Protects from one hit and harmlessly absorbs fire attacks. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow

106px-Giant Bubble NSMBW
Bubble Shield

Protects from one hit and allows Sonic characters to swim and breath under water. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow

100px-S&SASR Energy Shield
Electric Shield

Protects from one hit, harmlessly absorbs electric attacks and attracts rings. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow

Crate galaxy
Missile Crate

Restores Omega's "Missile Bar". Omega

Upgrade Crate

Temporarily upgrades Omega, also restores Omega's "Missile Bar". Omega

Build Wrench

Restores Omega's health. Omega


The levels in Mario & Sonic: Rift in Time come from various games in the Sonic and Mario series. However they have been warped and twisted by the dimensional rifts resulting in similar, but different, levels. The levels function in a method similar to the Sonic Adventure with them being designed for and played by a specific character.

Name Boss Playable Character
World 1-1

(Super Mario Bros.)

Metal Koopa Mario
Green Hill Zone

(Sonic the Hedgehog)

Egg Blade Sonic
Marble Zone

(Sonic the Hedgehog)

Giant Lava Cheep Wario
Dry Dry Desert

(Paper Mario)

Egg Bombardier Knuckles
Boo House

(Super Mario World)

Egg Boo Luigi
Chemical Plant Zone

(Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

Kemical Kong Shadow
Night Desert

(Super Mario Bros. 2)

Metal Triclyde Tails
Casino Night Zone

(Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

Egg Claw Toad
Crisis City

(Sonic '06)

Egg Devil Omega
Yoshi's Island

(Yoshi's Island)

CannonGuy Yoshi
Quartz Quadrant

(Sonic CD)

Crystal Titan Mario
Wreck Train

(Wario Land: Shake It!

Egg Train Sonic
Dragon Road

(Sonic Unleashed)

Egg Cockatrice Wario
Camelot Castle

(Sonic and the Black Knight)

Koopaladin Knuckles
Whomp's Fortress

(Super Mario 64)

Emperor Whomp Luigi
Lost Jungle

(Sonic Heroes)

Chomp Hydra Shadow
Old Clockworks

(Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)

Clockwork Bowser Tails
Mt. Molten

(Mario Galaxy)

Egg Raptor Toad
Labyrinth of the Sky

(Sonic Labyrinth)

Minotroopa Omega
Dinosaur Jungle

(Sonic and the Secret Rings)

Metal Mouser Yoshi
Rift Fortress 1 Metal Bowser MK-1 Hyper Mario (Stage 1), Hyper Luigi (Stage 2), Hyper Toad (Stage 3), Hyper Wario (Stage 4)
Rift Fortress 2 Metal Bowser MK-2 Super Sonic (Stage 1), Super Tails (Stage 2), Super Knuckles (Stage 3), Super Shadow (Stage 4)
Rift Fortress 3 Egg Pod Hyper Yoshi (Stage 1), Super Omega (Stage 2)

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