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Mario & Peach: Love at First Fight (known in Japan as Mario & Peach RPG) is an role-playing video game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game stars Mario and Princess Peach as they go together all throughout the Mushroom Kingdom to restore love and defeat a new villain named Dangerra who's leading an army that's destroying all of Mushroom Kingdom.


The game combines the gameplay and humor of the Mario & Luigi series with the story of a Game Boy Advance game titled Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak. Mario and Peach earn experience points and level up for defeating Dangerra's henchmen. They also power up the Heart Crystal by reuniting couples throughout the story. As the Crystal gains more power, Mario and Peach gain access to more powerful team attacks they can use in battles.


Mario and Princess Peach were walking through the Mushroom Kingdom with their friends when they noticed a pretty woman appeared and came running to them. She was a princess who said that she and her kingdom, the Heart Kingdom, were in danger, and the only way to restore peace is to restore the power the weakened Heart Crystal. She stated she came to Mario and Peach because he heard about their affection for each other and thought they could help her. Suddenly, Dangerra appeared. Dangerra knocked everyone out with an attack. Mario and Peach, along with their friends, wake up after being knocked unconcious to find themselves in the Heart Kingdom, and noticed the princess was missing. They go to Heart Castle, noticing the sad civilians along the way, and find the princess's advisor. The advisor told everyone that, with the princess kidnapped and the Heart Crystal weak, a lot of couples have been breaking up, and many married couples have been filing for divorce. Peach realizes the Heart Crystal is powered by love. Accompanied by their friends, as well as a prince who has a crush the princess, Mario and Peach then go on an adventure to stop Dangerra from taking over the affected kingdoms.



  • Mario: All around and easy to control. He can attack with a hammer
  • Princess Peach: Can hover through the air. She can attack with her parasol.

Key NPC's

  • Luigi
  • Princess Daisy
  • Toad
  • Bowser

Key Game-exclusive NPC's

  • Dangerra - the antagonist of the game
  • The Heart Kingdom Princess
  • The Prince (becomes the Heart Kingdom Prince at the end of the game)

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