Mario & Pac-Man: Heroes of the Arcade (stylized as Mario & PAC-MAN: Heroes of the Arcade) is a crossover platform video game by Nintendo and Bandai Namco Entertainment released for the Nintendo Switch. The game takes various elements from Super Mario 64 and Pac-Man World and combines them into a 3D platformer in which Mario and Pac-Man travel throughout many classic video games from Nintendo and Namco and help their friends from those games stop an extraterrestrial threat.



Name Desciprtion Image
Mario Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom
Pac-Man Hero of Pac-Land
Pac man


This list consists of key characters who are not playable.

Name Description
Luigi Mario's younger twin brother
Princess Peach Ruler of Mushroom Kingdom; Mario's love interest
Ms. Pac-Man First appearance in a decade; Pac-Man's wife
Bowser Mario's enemy despite not being the antagonist
Blinky Leader of the 4 ghosts
Pinky Only female ghost; has a crush on Pac-Man
Inky Tricky, cyan-colored ghost
Clyde Stupid ghost; often messes up the ghosts' plans
Toad Peach's assistant
Galatarcade Original character; Leader of a group of aliens called Galataliens; Antagonist

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